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April 9th, 2018
Location  •   Charleston, SC

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Skirts and dresses are the pieces I reach for most, whenever I have to get dressed up for a work meeting; but recently due to this bizarre snowy April weather, I’ve found myself reaching for something with a little more skin coverage and warmth. This is going to sound over dramatic but I’ve been anti slacks for a long time now. In fact I haven’t purchased a pair in over ten years. I mean, I just always felt like they made me look like a little parochial school kid, which isn’t an ideal look for the workplace. Now, maybe it’s because I’m just a tad over five feet or maybe it was because I never found the right fit but for as long as I could remember I banned work slacks from my wardrobe. 

I mean, it was a practical solution because I worked from home, and most of my meetings were done via conference calls anyway. This meant I had the greatest excuse to elude work slacks for what I hoped would be my entire life. I could successfully pitch a brand from the comfort of my home office in my comfiest pair of joggers and L.L Bean slippers, and they would never know. I guess you could say my style peeked, I kid I kid. 

But with my business and crew growing larger and larger each month, I found myself having to step out of the home office and into face to face meetings. Having the opportunity to travel and meet in person with brands I’ve been working with for years is something I’ve always dreamed…until I realized I had nothing to wear. Ideally I wanted to wear dresses, but with April snow showers I had to opt for a warmer option which brings me to my main point of how I met my dream work slacks

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I went out a few weeks ago and pushed myself from store to store until I found the perfect slack. I was really determined and towards the end when I was giving up, I figured I’d make one last stop at Chicos, and I’m so happy I did. I walked through the doors and saw the mannequin styling these comfort waist utility pants and instantly got excited. I loved the cuffed details because as you guys I know I love a good cuff, so I grabbed a few sizes and headed into the fitting room. 

I’ve never spent less time in a fitting room in my entire life. Sometimes I’ll sit in the fitting room and hem and haw about whether I should pull the trigger but not with these slacks, they were not only flattering but SUPER comfortable. It made sense when I realized they were made out of a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex; basically as comfortable and functional as yoga pants. I quickly purchased two pairs and if you’re interested I highly suggest sizing down! I went down two sizes due to that stretch factor. 

Anyway, I’m excited to pack these babies up for a few upcoming meetings and work trips I have in May. The images above are the last ones I have from my most recent work trip to Charleston, and in just a few weeks I’ll be off again to a warmer location with my family and Matt. I’ve been basically working non-stop through February and April, so I’m taking a little vacation of my own & the slacks are definitely being left at home for that trip. Has anyone else felt like this year has been insane with work? I’m not complaining by any means but I’d love to hear how you all are doing below. 

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Okay, I’ll be running around this week trying to get everything packed before we head out on Friday. The chaos before vacation is kind of my favorite, and I always mean business. Maybe you’ll see me running around Westfarms Mall in these slacks or at Walmart loading up on sunscreen, who knows. Oh and I still have to find a place to stay for one of the nights…opps.  

On that note, I have to go but leave a comment below if you have a pair of slacks that I need to investigate. With this bizarre weather we might be wearing slacks into June! 

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2 thoughts on “Work Slacks For Day To Night

  1. Malinda

    Work pants are always so tricky because they never seem to be cut very flattering. It looks like you found a great pair, and I love that beige color, it’s nicer than the typical khaki. You should also check out J. Crew’s Maddie pant. They’re also very stretchy and comfortable, but the pocket placement is what really sold me on them. Great post!

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