Reel Talk: NO. 07

May 22nd, 2017
Location  •   Dallas Arboretum, Dallas TX

How to Keep a Relationship Fun | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Hey, Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another Reel talk, specifically focused on ‘keeping a relationship fun’.

This post was highly requested so I hope you all enjoy it! As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, we love getting your guys’ input!

Anyways let’s jump right into the post! Take it away Matt.

Just like everything else in life, a relationship is work, but it’s work well worth it. 

On an ideal day, you’d hope that everything would run smoothly; but just like work, friendships and life sometimes there’s a bump in the road. But guess what when you hit a bump and get a flat tire, you get out of the car and fix it.  

When Aubrey and I first moved here, we had the hardest time getting our schedules aligned. She would have photo shoots scheduled for our weekend, Sunday nights were dedicated to editing and who knew when she was going to run out the door to yoga or a coffee shop, that girl loves to spend mucho dinero on coffee. 

So, to be honest, we just kept missing each other, so we decided, early on to reserve one night a week; which we call date night! We take turns planning the night, for instance, Aubrey planned a movie and DQ sundae run on Friday, and I have a trip to San Antonio planned for us on Saturday. 

No matter how busy we are, we make time for date night, and Aubrey has to leave her phone behind! Date night has actually allowed us the time to explore our new home in Dallas, eat out at every restaurant (I swear Aubrey plans date nights around food) and explore a new area together. 

Guys, relationships take work, but work can be fun! 

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