How To Transition Your Outdoor Spaces Into Fall

August 22nd, 2020
How To Transition Your Outdoor Spaces Into Fall | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow


The month of September is quickly approaching, and with all things pumpkin on my mind – I spent this last weekend transitioning all of my indoor and outdoor spaces from summer to fall.

This year I decided to do something special for my parents and surprise them with a fall porch makeover! With plenty of time to spend at home this autumn – I really wanted their outdoor spaces to reflect the traditional New England fall color palette of rich reds, oranges, and browns. With a budget of $200 in mind, I took a trip to Christmas Tree Shops andThat! where I enjoyed putting together three looks, to fit the aesthetic of their home and the outdoor seating area’s I’d be decorating.

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As soon as I stepped into the Christmas Tree Shops andThat! I was instantly transported into a wonderland of harvest decor, spicey fall scent, and of course, pumpkins! While I was distracted by a scarecrow or two, I knew I was there on a mission – to search for decorative pillows and wall decor to use as fall patio decoration.

Christmas Tree Shops andThat! is one of my favorite places to shop for seasonal decor and events, because of the variety of aesthetics. Whether you’re a traditional harvest gal like me, gravitating towards reds and browns, or a black and white gingham fall enthusiastic –  Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has a variety of seasonal decor to fit your home’s aesthetic. I captured a few aisles from my visit that I particularly liked but you will all have to just head to your local Christmas Tree Shops andThat! and check out the aisles of fall items and decor for yourself! 

Without further ado, below you’ll find three ways you can Transition Your Outdoor Spaces Into Fall on a budget! Along with what I purchased from my recent trip to Christmas Tree Shops andThat!

Hang Harvest Signage To Make The Space Feel Homey

One of the easiest ways to transition any space from summer to fall is to update the signage. It’s time to pack up those nautical knots & wooden whales and hang some harvest filled decor. In my opinion, the more pumpkins the better which is why I picked up an old fashioned Pumpkin Patch sign to hang on their outdoor brick! With pumpkins on the mind, I ended up grabbing a Happy Harvest sign to place on the coffee table in this seating area as well – along with a Welcome pumpkin sign to place by the side door entrance area, which you’ll see below.

To continue the pumpkin theme in this outdoor area, I snagged a plaid pumpkin pillow and picked up a couple of dollar pumpkins to arrange on the coffee table. Instead of doing matching pillows in this area, I wanted to keep things fun by mix-and-matching pillows in the same color scheme – which is why I used the thankful pillow in this space. Overall I love how these pillows will transition beautifully into November as we celebrate Thanksgiving, my favorite fall holiday.

Finally, to wrap up this outdoor seating area, I decide to bring more color into this space by adding a pumpkin spice candle and deep brown harvest baskets. The harvest baskets were such a great deal and I’d recommend them for anyone looking to showcase fall florals – not to mention they make great apple picking baskets!

Place Pumpkin & Plaid Pillows On Your Outdoor Seating

Remember how I just talked about mix-and-matching pillows? Well, this set up is no different. To keep the pumpkin harvest theme going, from our previous outdoor seating section, I found these pumpkin and pickup truck pillows that matched the pumpkin harvest sign in the other seating area almost perfectly.

When I’m designing any space whether indoor or exterior I find it important to have an underlying color pallet or theme – so things feel cohesive but not repetitive. While I could have styled the pumpkin harvest pillows with the pumpkin harvest sign – and the pumpkin pillows together I always find it best to not be too matchy-matchy.

Finally to really pop the orange pumpkins in the pumpkin harvest pillows – I added a plaid pumpkin pillow in the center. This instantly accented the orange in the side pillows and gave this bench a more farmhouse spin on fall!

Add Autumn Shades With Fall Florals

Finally, one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to transition any space into fall is with fall florals! Christmas Tree Shops andThat! was stocked with sunflowers, fall wreaths, and premade floral arrangements like this sunflower tin milk jug. Whether you’re decorating a porch, outdoor dining table or indoor tablescape – these florals are easy to transition any space and easy to store when the season comes to an end!

Overall it was another successful trip to Christmas Tree Shops andThat!. Not only was I able to get my parent’s porches ready for fall but I was also able to leave with a few fall scented candles and woodland animals to boot! I’d love to hear below if you’ve started transitioning your spaces into fall yet and if so which spaces have you started with!


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