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November 4th, 2014

dating_advice_collegeToday I feel like everyone is overthinking everything. 

Which is weird for me because I just love to express my thoughts, opinions & emotions, with all my friends & all the time. So when it comes to the dreaded internal “overthinking” well my advise is…

JUST DON’T. relationship_love

So backup:  a few weeks ago my friends advice me to start a relationship column on la blog. So here is my 1st post corresponding to my friends’ needs (you’re welcome) & some beach pictures of Matt & I. 

Anyways…Today when everyone communicates via text & limited actual talking, well…life can get confusing.

It’s really hard to gauge people’s emotions via text message. So my advise is stop with ONLY texting! 

Personally I use texting to make plans & send kitten pictures…but besides that I am a really bad “texter”. Whenever Matt wants to get a hold of me, it’s all about calling.

& calling again, because I am also really bad at answering my phone on the first call. I am currently working on that personal flaw. 

Yet when it comes to my girlfriends reading & reading & re-reading, their guy’s texts…it’s like falling down the rabbit-hole. 

Texting means different things to different people. To me texting is low-key random thoughts. But to some people texting is the golden calf of communication.

But I wouldn’t judge a guy’s feelings for you, through his texting skills. That is way to much pressure for a few characters & emojis to handle. 

I think a person’s texts say more about that person’s relationship with texting, rather than their relationship with you.

& whatever you do, don’t send “passive aggressive texts“.Texting isn’t something that should have hidden metaphors. This is not a Jane Austen novel.


What I recommend is keeping the texting light…& spending more time talking in person. That way you actually know what the person is talking about. 

Use texting as a tool to make plans, so you can save that great convo, for “real face-to-face” time. 

Also if it’s meant to be, then you will probably hit it off better in person anyways. So invite your guy crush to a sorority dance, out to coffee, or to Disneyland. 

Then you will have plenty of time to talk & most importantly just have fun.

So here is the game plan:

Stop texting, invite them out & see what happens.

& YES, I think it is okay to invite them out first, ( no need to wait around for them to do the asking ). 

&  just remember have a little fun ( & no overthinking allowed )!!!dating_advice


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  1. Aubrey

    Hi! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good work!


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