Cozy Gray Cape

November 4th, 2015

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Dudley Stephens Cape || White Thermal || Blue Jeans || White Heels || Watch 

Yesterday it poured in San Diego. I’m talking puddles everywhere, running for shelter kind of rain. Overall it’s really nice to see San Diego start to cool down & I’m sooooo glad, because now I can finally snuggle up into my cozy gray cape. I’ve seriously been loving this cozy gray cape made of fleece from Dudley Stephens. It’s a perfect way to make ‘cozy’ look chic and stay warm doing it. 

I have been addicted to capes this fall (if you haven’t already noticed) & I just can’t get enough of them. But honestly this cape is probably my favorite. A lot of the time I feel like capes aren’t even keeping me warm, but are rather just an accessory to amp up an outfit, like a hat. But thank god for this cape because it makes an outfit stand out and does it’s job.

I’ll be wearing this cape around campus today and enjoying every bit of this fall weather. Happy Wednesday  xx A. 

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8 thoughts on “Cozy Gray Cape

  1. Kimberly Myers

    Love that cape! I like the color and so as the style, its really perfect for this coming winter season.
    Love it so much, have a nice day!


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