A New Englander’s Guide to Gifts For New Homeowners

November 20th, 2019
Location  •   Connecticut


During the 2018 holiday season, Matt and I closed on our New England fixer-upper.  While some people might not find moving during the holidays to be ideal, we actually enjoyed the experience! You can read why we enjoyed it so much in this blog post here.

There are several perks to moving during the holidays – my favorite was taking advantage of the great seasonal pricing on home essentials! So, whether you yourself recently purchased a home or you’re visiting friends or family with a new home this holiday season, I’m sharing a New Englander’s guide to gifts for new homeowners. 

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer  

Last Christmas, Matt’s Mom gifted me with the KitchenAid mixer in the matte milkshake color. Ever since it’s the most used appliance (besides the Nespresso machine) in my kitchen! 

An Artifical Tree 

Quality artificial trees don’t come cheap. but they’re worth every penny. Matt and I usually have a real Christmas tree on display. But, I am thinking about purchasing an artificial tree for our guest room or vestibule area. I love how it’s pre-lit with LED microdot lights that can be set to either white or color. 

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Last Christmas, my sister, Sarah, gifted Matt and I Lodge Cast Iron Cookware – one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received as a new homeowner! The variety of Lodge products makes finding the perfect piece simple. Like this Fajita Set, a Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle, or this Cast-Iron Dutch Oven – which is ideal for seafood! 

DeWalt Cordless Combo Kit

This time last year, Matt and I were knee-deep in demoing our New England fixer-upper. After several trips to The Home Depot, we created this guide of tools you’ll need for home demolition. Off the list, our DeWalt Cordless Combo Kit has been used regularly! We purchased ours on Black Friday and couldn’t believe the amazing deal The Home Depot offered. It may not be the most exciting gift but, it’s a necessity. 

Sophisticated Flatware

As new homeowners, one thing Matt and I still need to update is our flatware. I’d like to update our current Target flatware, which has taken a beating over the years, to more detailed pieces like this pewter set, this sophisticated set, or these steak knives. Flatware is used daily – which means it’s worth the investment!


We are so grateful Matt’s parents bought us a lawnmower as a housewarming gift! We were given this exact lawnmower. Matt has nothing to say but good things! It’s a great time of year to purchase items that aren’t in season here in New England because they’re likely on sale! 

Nespresso Machine  

I’m a walking billboard for this machine. I love it so much! I got my Nespresso machine on Black Friday back in 2015. It’s the only machine in my kitchen that I use daily. Plus, guests love to try it out when visiting. Whether it’s my brother, Andrew, asking for a quick espresso shot or my sisters, Sarah and Tessa, trying to make peppermint mocha lattes – it’s truly my right-hand man in everything I do!

Roomba i7+ Vacuum

Matt and I just got this vacuum as an early Christmas gift to ourselves. We have dark stained floors in our home so any dust, cat hair, or flecks of dirt stand out. Now that I’m working from home less, we couldn’t keep up with our daily vacuuming routine. Deciding to give Roomba i7+ Vacuum, a try has been worth every penny and was the best way to wrap up our New Englander’s guide to gifts for new homeowners. 

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2 thoughts on “A New Englander’s Guide to Gifts For New Homeowners

  1. Libby

    OMG I am not close to being a home owner, but have so many of these things on my wishlist! Maybe this year will be the year for the Nespresso, ahah! Great list! Oh, and everyone definitely needs tools. I agree that it is not super excited, but necessary, and has come in so handy for me! 🙂 Hope you had a good Wednesday, Aubrey!

    xx Libby

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