Wicker Baskets for Easter

March 17th, 2022
New England Easter Decor With The Coastal Confidence

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In less than a month – Easter will be hopping into town! And it’s when I mark the start of spring here in New England.

So with work picking up at Mr. Trophy, I decided to get a head start on decorating for the upcoming change of season -by taking a trip to Christmas Tree Shops!

I was ecstatic to see my local store had already rolled out its spring and Easter collections. I spent about an hour walking up and down the aisles with my Mom. The two of us love sorting through all the shelves to share the treasures we find.

For my home, we landed on a wicker and green spring theme – and I think it turned out stunning! Check it out below.

The idea for my spring home design started when I noticed these wicker Easter baskets in a bin at Christmas Tree Shops. The wicker Easter baskets are so my aesthetic and classic New England. They even have little pom-pom tails on the back! There are so many baskets to choose from – including bunny faces, traditional wood baskets, and colorful designs. So, you’re bound to find your aesthetic too!

To complement my Easter baskets, I decided to splurge on a tall Easter rabbit! Clocking in at nearly 3-feet, he makes quite the statement. And he’s fit with a green bow and basket of carrots. Keeping on theme, I was pleased to find bunches of wicker carrots to add pops of orange and green to the scene.

I added one container of green moss and some speckled Easter eggs to lay by the base of the baskets. The details give a little extra spring flair!

The white baby ducks were too cute not to add to my home as well! Plus, their little green gingham bows fit right in with the neutral easter theme I was going for. And I literally laughed out loud when I saw the yellow duck with bunny ears. He matched the packaging of the yellow Peeps I added to the Easter baskets – and the color of my daffodils I planted in these ceramic pots for just $3.99. So, he obviously had to make the cut!

Speaking of filling Easter baskets: Christmas Tree Shops has everything you need to make the perfect gift-able bunny basket or home display. I filled my baskets with Peeps, Russel Stover chocolate bunnies, candles, plastic eggs, and gardening gloves. I also added yellow Easter grass – for just $1 per bag!

If you have kiddos, the Christmas Tree Shops also has Easter candy, kid’s activities, and little toys that will fill the basket up – and at a bargain!

With tons of Easter decor options, you can recreate something neutral like what I chose above. Or create a pallet all your own with pastels, golds, or neon colors!

Christmas Tree Shops is home to wreaths, rabbits both big and small, signage – and so much more! Whether you’re hosting Easter and need paper plates and tableware or just looking to create little Easter treats for your workplace or friends – pop into Christmas Tree Shops and enjoy walking the aisle to see what you find!

Here’s a little sneak peek below of what I found at my local store:


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