What You’ll Need To Make The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home

June 13th, 2020
How To Make The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow



If one thing came out of 2020 – it’s that Matt and I have fully mastered the craft of making the best cup of coffee at home. Personally I’ve always had a love for coffee and coffee shops – but with so many of them shut down in March & April, Matt and I got to work on configuring what we’d need to brew coffee shop worthy coffee at home. After a few months of testing out an array of coffee products – below, I’ve curated a list of what you’ll need to make the best cup of coffee at home.

French Press

When making coffee for two, I highly recommend using this french press. It’s low maintence compared to a standard pour over option and makes way less of a mess – all while creating perfectly bold coffee.

50’s Retro Drip Coffee Maker

When making coffee for a group of people, I highly recommend this retro drip coffee maker from SMEG. Not only will this machine look aesthetically pleasing on your counter, but it will also make up to 10-cups of coffee in one batch!

Cold Brew Maker

I purchased this cold brew maker last year for Matt and it was perfect for when we were both heading into work in the morning and had to get up and out the door. You just add coffee beans and water around 5PM the night before and wake up to a delicious bold cold brew the following morning. By far the best option for those running late in the morning, like yours truly.

Tea Kettle

Of course, any french press user needs a reliable tea kettle. I’ve personally had this one for years, and love how it whistles as soon as the water comes to a boil. Not to mention it’s clean design looks picturesque.

Coffee Grinder

Working from home certainly changed both Matt and I’s routine. At first we enjoyed the extra time by sleeping in, but now Matt uses the time he once spent driving into work – to freshly grind coffee beans for our morning cup. He’s specifically a fan of this coffee grinder as it has a variety of grinding levels and doesn’t make much of a mess.

Engravable Tumbler

While many like Matt – are still working from home, some of you like me – are heading back into work which for me means coffee to go. I usually bring my coffee to work in one of our engravable tumblers from mrtrophyshop.com! I own just about every color but the white one is for sure my favorite.

Milk Frother

Lattes are a go-to for me, especially in the fall. Now when I first discovered lattes I use to just pour in cold refrigerated milk into my cup without any sort of warming or frothing. That quickly stopped though, after I took a latte art class in Boston with New England Dairy this past February. When it comes to lattes, frothing is the way to go – and this milk frother is the best!

Espresso Maker

While ice coffees are my go-to all summer long – come fall, winter or spring lattes are all I drink. I especially love making lattes at home whether it’s with this freshly ground coffee beans in this retro espresso maker or instantly with this Nespresso machine.

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