What We’re Baking For Easter This Spring

March 4th, 2021
Location  •   Connecticut

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I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this past week has been unusually warm for us here in New England! With temperatures reaching the 50s and melting what’s left of the snow, I can’t help but see spring on the horizon.

With warmer days in sight, my Mom and I decided to test out some springtime cake and cupcake decorating – just in time for Easter! My parents are hosting Easter in mid-March when my siblings come home from college. So, we recently decided to get a headstart and put a new decorative spin on our annual Peep-inspired cake. We tested out different coconut dying techniques to get the perfect bird’s nest look atop our cupcakes.

We already had in mind what we’re baking for Easter this spring. But, we still needed to stop and grab some much-needed supplies – like Peeps, jelly beans, paper plates, and napkins at the best price range. So, of course, it was time for a trip to Christmas Tree Shops andThat!

As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of Christmas Tree Shops andThat! seasonal and holiday decor. From Easter to Halloween, Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has everything one needs to celebrate, decorate, and host a holiday. When my mom and I arrived at our local shop, I was happy to see they already had all of their Easter decor on display. From table runners, baskets, napkins, and baking needs – there was a lot to see, sort through and discover! One of the main reasons I go to Christmas Tree Shops andThat! is for how affordable it is, I was able to stock up on the cutest carrot 40-count paper plates for just $3.99.

I fell in love with this wicker carrot tray. It happens to match the Easter baskets we had purchased from Christmas Tree Shops andThat! last year. My mom and I think the tray is an adorable way to store bunny napkins, carrot plates, and utensils. The other thing that caught my eye when browsing the aisles was the large assortment of Easter-themed acrylic plates. If you’re looking to do an Easter tablescape, I highly recommend heading to your local store. From sweet and mischievous bunny faces to more subdued pastel designs – they have something for every spring style.

Fully stocked on Easter baking supplies, my Mom and I reunited the next day to start experimenting with Easter cake and cupcake decorating. In my opinion, the most fun part about decorating cupcakes is getting to display them!

Christmas Tree Shops had the cutest little bunny cupcake holders for under $4.00 – I couldn’t resist. I grabbed two of them and a matching bunny candy bowl. I filled the bowl to the brim with leftover jelly beans, which were also from Christmas Tree Shops.

My mom and I decorated our serving area with an embroidered bunny table runner, my 24″ tall bunny and carrot which I purchased last year, and the wicker tray (mentioned earlier). We filled the tray with carrot napkins, plates, and ‘Happy Easter’ bunny to-go bags for anyone that wanted to take a cupcake to-go.

We stocked up on Peeps, jelly beans, and little carrot toppers to adorn our baked goods from Christmas Tree Shops too! I find that Christmas Tree Shops has the best prices when it comes to these Easter treats – we were able to stock up on bags of jelly beans for just $1.49 a bag. Plus, how cute are these pastel individual-sized bread loaf pans that we popped right in the oven to make lemon raspberry loaves?

All and all, my Mom and I are really proud of our Easter baking dry room. We’re so excited to have our family together to celebrate in just a few short weeks!

I’d love to know if you have a go-to dessert recipe for Easter? If so, please share what it is below!


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