What to Wear to Fenway

August 2nd, 2019
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What To Wear to Fenway | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Baseball season is in full swing, and if you’re a New Englander that means it’s time to step up to the plate for a visit to Fenway Park!

Growing up with Red Sox season tickets, I spent summers visiting Fenway since I was a little girl. To this day, some of my favorite memories were made at the Green Monster. From seeing the World Series in 2004, to rain delays more than halfway through games, Matt and I cherish every moment we’ve had in the stadium that’s unlike any other.  Going to games feels like more like upholding tradition and I’m so grateful for the ability to go visit the park so often; that whenever I see a visitor getting to take in Fenway Park for the first time I want to be apart of the experience.  

What to Wear to Fenway The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
date night at Fenway park the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
vineyard vines Red Sox style the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
What to Wear to Fenway The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Whenever anyone asks for recommendations for a trip to New England in summer I instantly say “FENWAY!”

Usually, visitors are set on getting a Fenway Frank and Del’s Frozen Lemonade, so the inquiries I get are attire related. With unpredictable New England weather, finding the perfect outfit for game day can be tricky. Plus, if you’re going shopping for your look, you want pieces that can transition outside the ballpark.

Below, I’ve curated outfit ideas for you that I love for both day and night games! 


Let’s keep things cool, classic, and Red Sox themed!

For day games I suggest either wearing a light cotton dress or comfortable shorts with sunglasses and a Red Sox baseball cap!

When dressing for day games you should focus on finding pieces that are breathable because it gets hot! I pack a refreshing facial spray and sunscreen to combat the heat and sun exposure.

What to Wear to Fenway The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

What to Wear to Fenway The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
What to Wear to Fenway The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow


Let’s keep things casual, warmer, and low-maintenance!

New England evenings can be a bit chilly so pair a tee with white jeans or a long-sleeved shirt with a denim skirt.  When it comes to New England evenings, layers are your best friend!

Did you know baseball season has a major perk? With numerous games on the roster, whether you’re visiting Beantown or a Bostonian – don’t hesitate to head over to Fenway last minute to see if you can grab a seat. There’s been more than one occasion where my family has given away an extra ticket to a fan outside the stadium. 

I’m looking forward to my next Red Sox game in mid-August! What team do you root for and what’s your game day style? I’d love to hear below! 

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