The Boys of Fall

October 7th, 2016


Football is the guy version of Pumpkin Spice Lattes for fall! I’m totally serious, it’s all they talk about, it’s all they want to see & it’s 100% instagram worthy. Since moving in with Matt, all I have to say is, I’m a football, freaking expert now. 

Ask me anything, I got you. I neverrrrrr really cared for football, beyond wearing a cute outfit, getting to eat fried dough and hang out with friends at games. However live with a guy and you’ll turn into a mini-ESPN reporter, ready to call out refs and throw down your own touchdown dance. 

This weekend is really busy for me, my dad, brother, my brother’s girlfriend and Matt’s parents are all coming to visit (woot woot!). I’m so excited to have everyone in Texas and guess what’s on the agenda, Foooooootball (always pronounce it like they do in Friday Night Lights). 

I’ll be out of the office on Monday and Tuesday as I’ll be traveling back to New England, I’ll be there for little over a week, so get ready for some incredible pictures. For now, I’m leaving you all with my boys of fall fashion; whether you’re heading to your local high school football game (glory days) or to the big Patriot game (Brady’s back) the below items are perfect. 

Have a safe weekend and I’ll see you all on Wednesday. xx A. 

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