Story And Soil Coffee Shop, In Hartford CT

January 15th, 2019
Location  •   Hartford, Connecticut

places to grab coffee in hartford
Story And Soil Coffee Places To Visit In Connecticut The Coastal Confidence

Now that Matt and I are officially back in Connecticut it’s funny to find that residents either LOVE it here or to put it politely, are patiently counting down the days, until they can leave. With each passing week, I see more young adults leaving to pursue careers in Boston as older adults simultaneously fly south to Florida for warmer weather. Leaving Connecticut feeling like a ghost town, more now than ever. Which brings me to the look Matt and I receive when we tell neighbors, friends new and old, and acquaintances that we left Dallas Texas for Connecticut. 

With so much to do in neighboring cities, I see why it’s tempting to leave but for some reason, Matt and I feel like we are exactly where we belong. To this day, I’m still finding new restaurants, coffee shops, and photo locations; to explore and I often can’t help but snap a picture or two if the lighting is right. Getting you all excited about what Connecticut has to offer always makes me happy. Not to mention getting to share the small businesses that foster community, high-quality products and bring something unique to the residents of our state. Anyway, in 2019 I want to spend more time featuring the local spots we love, in hopes of inspiring visitors or locals to discover them for themselves. 

places to grab coffee in hartford the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
Story And Soil Coffee Places To Visit In Connecticut The Coastal Confidence
Story And Soil Coffee Places To Visit In Connecticut The Coastal Confidence
Story And Soil Coffee Places To Visit In Connecticut The Coastal Confidence

Story and Soil Coffee in Hartford Connecticut is a cozy little cafe located on Capitol Avenue in Harford. At first glance, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I knew this place already had my stamp of approval from its billiards green statement storefront. Once we found the coffee shop we quickly saw a public parking lot just up and across the street, a big plus since I’m not a very good parallel parker. Anyway, we parked the car, bundled up and ran into the shop to enjoy a nice warm cup of rose tea and a giant chocolate chip cookie. 

We spent a good amount of time in the coffee shop, celebrating some exciting news and enjoying each sip of our teas. To be honest, I was stunned at the constant foot traffic coming in and out of this Hartford coffee shop. From young adults who were obviously regulars to families enjoying marshmallow filled hot cocoa; I could feel the sense of community and warmth from my short time visiting. 

coffee shops and bakeries in hartford connecticut the coastal confidence

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preppy coffee shops to visit in Connecticut The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

All and all, this cafe is fairly priced for being in a city and right of Route 84, making it an easy in and out, spot. I’m really looking forward to going back and I can’t wait to continue to spotlight some new restaurants and coffee shops as I discover them throughout 2019. 

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3 thoughts on “Story And Soil Coffee Shop, In Hartford CT

  1. 80sfan

    Story & Soil! Seriously! You were just across the street from where I work. Wish I had of known. I would have run over and introduced myself!

  2. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    It’s funny, I feel the exact same way. My boyfriend and I were raised in Connecticut, I went to college in Rhode Island, and then we moved together to Maine for a year, before returning back. We knew this is where we wanted to be long-term. I think Connecticut has WAY more to offer than people realize. Between the shoreline, cute small towns, museums, and (best of all, in my opinion) close proximity to everything else in the northeast, what more could you want? I just love being at the center (approximately) of New England, where each state or city is only a few hours away, including NYC!

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