Springtime Easter Baskets: What You’ll Need

March 7th, 2020
Location  •   Connecticut
Springtime Easter Baskets: What You'll Need | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Thank you Christmas Tree Shops and That! for sponsoring this post.

With Easter hopping closer and closer – it’s time to pack up the winter decor and start preparing our homes and hopes for springtime in New England!

I have fond fun memories of growing up during the spring season. From our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt to my grandfather’s bright Easter sweaters – Easter was always filled with chocolate bunnies, colorful chick decor, and daffodil buds peeping up.

Since 2020 is mine and Matt’s first Easter Season in our new home, I wanted to add spring decor and slightly silly traditions for us to incorporate into our holiday year after year. With that goal and a strict budget, my Mom and I took a trip to Christmas Tree Shops and That! to see what we could find.

Our New England cape has tones of green and brown. So, I wanted to bring in some orange, pink, and yellow tones with Easter decor. Heading into the Christmas Tree Shops and That! is always such a treat. During this visit, my Mom and I were greeted with an entire wall of Easter baskets right at the entrance!

From tulle to wicker – basket style options were plentiful. Plus, the size range was vast. Out of the gate, I fell in love with these orange and green carrot themed baskets.

Easter baskets are the perfect way to welcome spring as you prep for the holiday. Below I’ve compiled a list of items found at Christmas Tree Shops and That! that are perfect for any Easter Basket – especially for those on a budget!

Fill Your Easter Baskets: What You’ll Need

Easter Grass

It’s not an Easter basket without a pop of colorful grass! This is a must both for aesthetics and as a base. Christmas Tree Shops and That! offers a variety of color options, texture, and shine.

Easter Eggs

Christmas Tree Shops and That! has a huge selection of Easter eggs in several different colors – all at a stellar cost! I purchased three bags. I filled each egg with delicious treats, then tucked them into the Easter grass.

Easter Decor

It’s fun to decorate the space around your Easter baskets too! Including bunnies and chicks in your basket is a must. I couldn’t resist taking home this 24″ Bunny. I also purchased a few yellow baby chicks and white bunnies to place around the room and even in the baskets themselves. To finish up the look, I strung up a carrot banner.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies & Peeps

Is it even Easter without a chocolate bunny? I certainly look forward to the tasty treats year-round! Another seasonal treat that’s available at Christmas Tree Shops and That! is every color Peep!

Gardening Tools & Seeds

Matt is looking forward to gardening this spring! To help prepare him for the upcoming season, I filled Matt’s Easter Basket with gardening tools and plant seeds I found at Christmas Tree Shops and That!. I included these wooden-handled gardening tools, growable planters, and sunflower seeds!

Bunny Decor For The Home

For our home, I filled my Easter basket with bunny decor, a few sweet bunny guest handtowels, springtime scented candles, bunny-themed socks and of course a bunch of bunny-themed treats!

Use your imagination to create Easter baskets that fit your style or the personality of whomever you’re gifting. The options are endless – especially with everything Christmas Tree Shops and That! has to offer!

As we hop closer to the new season, I hope this post inspired your own springtime home decor! Share your springtime home style with us below!


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