Serendipity & A Weekend in Austin

September 12th, 2016


You know those weekends, when you do soooooo much, that come Monday at  5:00pm you’re already in bed and ready for a good 15 hours of sleep? Well this was one of those weekends for Matt & I. I’m currently typing this from bed and it’s only 7:00pm. 

Pajamas are on, tea is made, candles are lit and about 30 mins of Netflix is awaiting me before crashing around 8:30pm. I mean Matt & I literally killed this weekend. LITERALLY!

On Friday we spent the day shooting images for the blog and preparing for the week, aka cleaning, grocery shopping and overall adulting. On Saturday we woke up at 6 am (I’m not a morning person, soooo this was not a fun one for me) but Matt somehow got me out of the house and we were on the road to Austin by 6:30 am.

About an hour into the ride, I made Matt stop at  Dunkin Donuts as I was in DESPERATE need of a coffee. Up until that point, I was literally sitting in the car half asleep and as useful as a bag of packed potatoes. 

So after a much need Dunkin break., including one ice coffee and three pumpkin spice munchkins, we arrived in Austin and checked into The Westin Austin Downtownaustin-skyline


After Matt & I checked in, we headed straight for the Azula rooftop bar and pool, located on the top of The Westin. The views were amazing and I made Matt take about 1,000 pictures of me up there. It was stunning to say the least, and the bartender was sweet enough to make me a mint lemonade (my favorite poolside drink).

To be honest, The Westin blew me away. I’m lucky enough to get to travel often for my blog, and honestly this Westin is probably one of my favorite hotels, to date. If you are planning a trip to Austin then stay at The Westin, it is located in the heart of Austin, we were able to walk to everywhere and overall the hotel is extremely up-to-date.

I could have spent the whole trip at Azula, however we had some special plans with my brother so we headed out for an excited evening.



My brother, Andrew, attends the University of Texas and when he found out that Matt & I would be in Austin, he grabbed some tickets and invited us to a true Texas football game. We had soooooo much fun playing UT students & screaming TEXAS FIGHT. 

I loveeeee how people in Texas get all dressed up for football games, In New England you’re usually pilling on layers of clothes and sacrificing style for warmth (or else you’ll literally freeze). So to see people in jewelry,cowboy boots and dresses was a shocker to me, but I kind of love it. 

Anyways after the game we all headed back to downtown Austin to check out some local music joints & see the infamous 6th street, which was interesting to say the least.


Finally we woke up the following morning to a delicious brunch at Stella San Jac, located in The Westin. You guys have to go here and try the biscuits, they tasted even better than they look.

After loading up on a healthy brunch Matt & I made the three hour drive back up to Dallas to watch the Patriots WIN (of course).

& now it’s Monday, 7:00pm and I’m about to fall asleep. It was just one of those weekends you know. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & thank you to The Westin for hosting Matt & I! xx A.

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