February 9th, 2021

Happy 27th Birthday Matt

Happy Birthday to Mr. Matt🎈🎂! Today Matt turns 27 and I wanted to spend today’s post sharing a few things I love about Matt that I’ve grown to appreciate over these last thirteen years, that you might all get a kick out of.

💌His meeping – I can’t describe it any other way but when Matt gets excited or mischievous he meeps in crescendos, kind of like Beaker from the muppets.

💌His humor – Truthfully, my personality is pretty stoic and pensive – very let’s get down to business. Yet Matt not only reminds me to laugh but makes me laugh all the time, no matter the mood or the circumstance Matt can always get a good chuckle out of me.

💌His allowing me to steal all of his sweaters – I swear to God, 90% of my outfits come from Matt closet. In fact, he actually owns at least 2x the number of clothes as me but more often than not you’ll see me styling his sweaters in my posts.

💌His candidness – which by definition is literally the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech. candor, forthrightness, frankness, directness, candor – that’s Mr. Matt or as he says ‘being a realist.’

💌His theatrics – I always say Matt was in a royal court in his last life because he always knows all the tea, is dramatic about the funniest things, and LIVES for the theatrics in the most charming extroverted way. Matt is captivating from his laugh to his meeping.

💌His hugs – I’m not a hugger but I have to admit Matt gives cozy hugs.

🎈🎂Matt, you make everyday entertaining and I hope you have the best birthday 🎈🎂



Matt wore a red puffer vest over a pink sweater in honor of the upcoming holiday while I put a casual spin on my go-to work slacks and white crepe blouse by adding this pink puffer jacket and turning in the heels for these wicked cute pink color-blocked white sneakers. Honestly, both Matt and I have a soft spot for pink in February and were so thankful for our jackets as the night went and the weather got a little nippy. Overall, puffer jackets are a spring staple in my closet and would make a splendid gift for that perfect someone in your life if you’re looking to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, just saying!