Season of Giving: $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway

December 20th, 2017
Location  •   Middletown, Connecticut

Season of Giving- $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway-4039

Wool Coat || Shirt || Shoes (on sale) || Skirt

In honor of Christmas being just around the corner and the season of giving being in full swing, our TCC Crew has decided to give away a $400 J.Crew Gift Card, to one of our lucky readers. Simple because…you guys deserve it! 

2017, has been a wonderful year for our crew, not only have we tackled new mediums like Youtube and Instagram stories but we grew physically, as we added two new members: Cecilia our TCC Content Coordinator and Tessie our TCC Videographer. So during this season of giving, we wanted to whip something special up to say THANK YOU, to all the TCC readers that allow our crew to get up every day and capture the best of New England living. None of this would be possible without your support and inspiration. 

Season of Giving- $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway-4071
Season of Giving- $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway-3978
Season of Giving- $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway-4068
Season of Giving- $400 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway-3690

Now, we tried to keep entering requirements to the bare minimum so scroll down to the end of this post to enter! I promise it is super simple. But before entering, I wanted to get you all excited for the upcoming holiday festivities and looks you can style from J.Crew with or without the winning gift card. 

This holiday season, my siblings and I were in dire need of a holiday outfit for our Christmas card. We only had a few days left to shoot the pictures before we all headed back to college campuses and full-time jobs, but I was having the hardest time finding an item that would have that Christmas sparkle and fit all of our styles until I saw this skirt. From tulle skirts to iconic trench coats, J.Crew is always my go-to for party pieces and New England staple pieces, and really who can turn down wearing a tulle skirt. 

Anyway, I hope this giveaway motivates you to stock up on some wool sweaters for the winter we have ahead, and stay connected with us throughout 2018. Truly some of my fondest memories from 2017 have come from reading your friendly messages and running into a few of you on the streets of New England. I honestly can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for all of us, and I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season ahead filled with gingerbread men and good times with friends and family. xx Aubrey 

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  1. Heather

    What a fabulous giveaway, and I adore your festive look! From a fellow New Englander at heart, thanks to you and your crew for all you do!

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