PUMPKIN CARVING Q&A: Body Insecurities & Instagram Advice for 2018

October 31st, 2018
Location  •   Connecticut


Happy Halloween! Honestly, I’m not usually a spooky Halloween gal, but this year I really went above and beyond to embrace the holiday. You may have noticed things got a little dark over on our Instagram feed and maybe you even noticed the hints of orange speckled in between brown boarded homes. I mean, it’s as spooky as my New England feed will get but I think it’s better than nothing. All and all, my motivation for embracing this holiday comes back to my love for New England. Now that Matt and I are officially moved back, we finally have a chance to decorate for fall, hand out candy to trick or treaters and curl up on our couch to binge watch Stranger Things, our Halloween Tradition. 

With that in mind, let’s talk about our little TCC Halloween Tradition…The Annual Pumpkin Carving Q&A! We love creating this video to further connect with you all, and what better way to do so then via Q&A! So I sat down last weekend on Instagram Stories and asked you guys to submit your questions. We got questions sent in from all platforms and went with the first ten we received. If you didn’t see your question or want to be included in our next Q&A segment, make sure to list any additional question in the comment section of this video. 

Anyway, grab a cup of hot cider, or a pumpkin to carve and let’s jump right into this Pumpkin Carving Q&A. Oh, and if you are wondering when we’ll be uploading new videos, look forward to a new video EVERY WEDNESDAY, so make sure to subscribe. Okay, let’s slide right in. xx Aubrey 

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