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December 11th, 2018
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Matt and I are so thrilled to sit down with you all today, along with our architect/cousin, Michael, to share the OUR HOUSE architectural plans with you all. If you missed our big announcement last month, well here it is! Matt and I purchased a house in late October and have been working endlessly to prepare the house for its big renovation and restoration. If you’re new to the blog or missed our previous house themed posts, don’t worry! Before continuing with this post, make sure to check out our empty house tour to see the space we’re working with to better understand the renovation concept.

Okay, now that you’re all caught up let’s get to the good stuff, what we plan to do with our fixer-upper! Going into the home buying process, we knew we wanted to take on a New England styled Victorian, cape or federal in need of restoration. So you can only imagine how excited I was when Matt and I officially purchased a charming 1950’s cape in need of a big picture visionary like me. Between original kitchen cabinetry, to 1950s circa jukebox wall speakers for hit records; we had a lot of work to get started on. At times it was overwhelming but today it’s all worth it; because we get to share some of that hard work with you all. Oh and we get to start framing out our vision NEXT WEEK!

Before I get ahead of myself, we have to thank Michael for putting together these plans for us! It was very generous of him to help us with this project and his dedication cannot go understated. Michael and I were emailing back and forth until 2 AM, at times, as we covered concepts from light fixtures to window details. Overall, this project is definitely as much a labor of love from Michael as it is for us. So as Michael passes the contracting baton to me, I’m determined to see these plans through and manifest the vision we had. 

With that being said, hit play above to see OUR HOUSE: Architectural Plans! Oh, and if you are wondering when we’ll be uploading new videos, look forward to a new OUR HOUSE video EVERY SATURDAY, so make sure to subscribe

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