Our Empty House Tour, New England Fixer-Upper

November 19th, 2018
Location  •   Coventry, Connecticut

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Recently Matt and I shared a HUGE announcement with you all, the purchase of our first home! We were beyond thrilled to finally share the news with all of you and just in case you missed it, you can read the announcement post here). Now since that announcement, our crew has been working endlessly on our newest Youtube series OUR HOUSE; which covers the entire restoration of our New England fixer-upper.

Originally, my Mom and I toured our, now house, back in May before Matt and I had even finished the move. As soon as I stepped into the house I instantly fell in love with the natural light and cape home structure but had to put this option on the back burner due to cost. Having a budget when house hunting is essential, and since Matt and I were in no serious rush to move we had the opportunity to look around and watch the market. While the process wasn’t easy, and I’ll quickly admit being patient can be taxing; but in the end, we were able to close on OUR HOUSE by the end of October and within our budget. 

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Our Empty House Tour The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
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To be honest, I went into house hunting with the intention of purchasing a New England fixer-upper. Matt originally wasn’t on board with the idea, but I really wanted to take a house in need of restoration and give it a second wind to really make it ours. With that being said, we compromised on a 1950 home, that needed updating but was sound when it came to the structure, location, and character. With that being said, we knew the house really needed a new floorplan; with boxy outdated rooms breaking up the household flow. After we closed we had our architect Michael Lombardi, a local contractor and septic team come in to get to work. 

Together, we’ve brought quintessential New England aesthetic back into a rundown house that will soon become OUR HOUSE. We’ve spent the last month finalizing all the details, and with windows being ordered and architectural plans being printed I felt like now was the perfect time to give you all a peek at what we’re working with. Over the last three weeks, Matt and my Dad have cleaned up the exterior of the house, including but not limited to grading, grating, and chainsawing; while I’ve been working on the interior design. We’ve already poured so much into this house and with the demo process starting next week, we are SO excited to officially bring you along for the entire restoration process. 

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our house New England fixer upper the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
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We felt the best way to launch OUR HOUSE, a New England fixer-upper series, with you all would be by inviting you all in for an empty house tour! The house is basically empty, with Matt and I’s belongings currently locked away in storage. We felt it was best to keep our belongings in storage and start gutting and renovating our house, with ease and flexibility. With that being said, both Matt and I are living with our respective parents, until the floors go in and our furniture can be delivered. Again, this is our first home so you’ll see us through the ups and downs of this process, and I’m beyond excited for you all to see what we have cooked up. I feel like my entire career was leading to this point and I’m going to provide you all with as much value based content from this process as possible. 

With that being said, hit play below to see our empty house tour! Oh, and if you are wondering when we’ll be uploading new videos, look forward to a new video EVERY SATURDAY, so make sure to subscribe. Okay, let’s slide right in. xx Aubrey

vineyard vines holiday style the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
what to know about buying a fixer upper as your first home aubrey yandow

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