Our Deck Reveal: Just In Time For July Fourth Weekend

June 30th, 2022

New England Deck Renovation - The Coastal Confidence

Thank you to New England Dairy for sponsoring this post.

Each spring Matt and I dive into a home project as we continue to renovate our 1950’s New England Cape.

In 2021, we tackled our upstairs multipurpose room – which is now one of our most used rooms in the house. And in 2020, it was our outdoor patio space that got a refresh. This year we had one project in mind: our deck!

With the upcoming Fourth of July weekend – we knew the deck was an absolute must for us to entertain.

When we initially took on our 2019 home renovation, we decided to elevate what used to be a step-down screened-in porch and add it to the back of our home. This extra space was used to create a half-bathroom, laundry closet, winterized space off the garage, and the option to add a walk-out deck directly off the kitchen.

As you can see from the above pictures: we decided to frame over the existing concrete deck-patio rather than bulldoze and start from scratch.

When we started this project we had a few objectives in mind. First, to create an indoor-outdoor feel. Second, to gain additional home entertaining space for guests. Some space to store our patio furniture covers. And lastly, a shaded place to enjoy my favorite snacks. I pictured myself solo with a smoothie in the morning, sharing a balanced cheeseboard in the afternoon, or at night with Matt watching the sunset on the blueberry farm that is adjacent to our home making memories over an ice cream cone.

With the objectives in mind, I had to daydream a little longer than expected. Since the project was delayed due to material arrivals, schedule conflicts, and unseasonably hot weather.

But, nevertheless, we are now so excited to share the grand reveal with you! And how we’re celebrating with a delicious cheeseboard on deck – just in time for July Fourth Weekend!

Making cheeseboards has become a hobby of mine. I love seeing what goodies work together – especially when there’s a theme in mind.

New England dairy farmers cultivate their fields and tend to their herds in an effort to preserve our landscape. Nutritious and sustainable dairy products all start with the care and comfort of the cows. And New England dairy farmers produce the freshest milk around!

With so many varieties of cheese made right here in New England, purchasing cheese and dairy products is a great way to show support to local dairy farmers.

Not to mention, a cheeseboard is always an All American crowd-pleaser. And if you ever have leftovers – try tossing the fruit or nuts in your morning smoothie with some fresh cow’s milk like me!

Here’s what I’m entertaining guests with below:

Fourth Of July Cheeseboard

The Cheeses: Brie Wheel, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, Peppercorn Jack Cheese

The Berries & Cherries: Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cherries

The Meats: Peppered Salami, Pepperoni, Salami

The Snacks: Pretzels, Cashews, Crackers, Tortilla Chips

As stated, the intention behind our deck was to create a space to unwind with a snack, enjoy fresh air, and aid in storage.

The Rocking Adirondack Chair Set was an easy seating choice because it gave me all the coastal grandmother vibes. Next, I purchased this teak storage bin to tuck our patio covers inside when they’re not in use. Finally, I got this cedar planter to start an easily accessible herb garden from our kitchen. The planter even has a bottom shelf to organize our gardening tools and clippers!

One of my goals this year has been to hone my gardening skills in an effort to be – like many New Englanders – more sustainable. I even had a few CowPots made locally – on Freund’s Farm in East Canaan, CT – that I’m using for plants and housing on my deck.

Now that our deck is complete, I’m looking forward to utilizing the area as a sustainable space. I hope to learn a thing or two about cultivating a ‘green thumb.’ And I’m most excited to make outdoor memories with Matt, my family, and friends – starting with kick-off of July Fourth!


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