Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts Today!

August 12th, 2020
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts Today The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow



Matt and I spent a lot of 2020 saving up our money while simultaneously focusing on budgeting more towards necessities and savings in all functions of our lives. We knew the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale would be a great time to replenish our closets with essentials like water repellent coats, fall jackets, and even everyday staples like – underwear, sneakers, socks & more. Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale public access today, I went ahead and pulled together my favorite fall staples for him and her. Finally and before we jump into this guide don’t forget to check out my first guide from this sale, where I laid out pieces I think are fundamental for fall!

Trench Raincoat For Him & Her

If you’re looking for one New England staple to add to your closet during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’d recommend a trench coat! Over the years I’ve collected a variety of trench coats, some colorful some classic but all of which I equally love and adore. The one’s I’ve highlighted here are wicked versatile and perfect to use as transitional outerwear from fall into winter and spring into summer.

Quilted Jacket For Her & Him

If you do not own a quilted jacket, this quilted jacket for her and quilted jacket for him are for you! Quilted jackets are a staple of mine when it comes to fall outwear and traveling. In fact when I lived in San Diego my quilted jacket was my year round jacket of choice, so don’t think if you reside somewhere warmer that this jacket isn’t for you. It’s lightweight feel make it easier to carry or shove in a bag while out and about!

I was so excited to see his & her pairs of Veja Sneakers being offered in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I’ve always been a fan of the brand, so you bet I picked up more than a pair of these shoes for myself. I actually wear sneakers to work almost every day at Mr. Trophy, and I can’t wait to style my new pairs this fall. Somehow this pair, this pair & this velcro pair all made it into my cart come checkout.

Veja Sneakers For Her

Bikinis & Boxer Briefs For Her & Him

As I stated previously, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is probably the best time to stock up on staples. From bras to bikinis & boxer briefs, this sale has staples at price points I can’t turndown. Some of the staples I look forward to stocking up on this year are – this v-neck bra (the only bra I wear now), these mesh bikini underwear, and this Zella sports bra another favorite of mine from last year’s sale!

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