New Englander’s Guide To Preparing The Yard For Spring

May 4th, 2020
Location  •   New England
New Englander's Guide To Preparing The Yard For Spring



This past weekend was the warmest we’ve seen so far and with so much time spent at home Matt and I couldn’t help put to take on a few extra projects around the yard. From planting a herb garden in these cooper planters to a hedge of boxwoods by our back patio – we were quite busy this weekend but enjoyed every moment of it. Honestly, I use to hate gardening and maintaining our yard but with so much time being spent there these days, gardening has certainly grown on me. What also has seemed to grow on me is the number of gardening tools, decor, and watering cans – that I not only love using in the yard but also in our photoshoots. Anyway, I figured with another warm week ahead of us I’d share my New Englander’s Guide To Preparing Your Yard For Spring!

#1 Traditional Watering Can

I can’t say enough good things about this watering can! From it’s antique design to its mossy color – I love having this not only to water the garden but to use as a prop for all of my spring and summer shots! I have to admit it’s certainly on the more expensive side but worth every penny.

#2 Shingled Birdhouse

My birthday is just around the corner and you bet this birdhouse is on my wishlist list! We have some beautiful blue jays and cardinals around our home and I’d ideally like to install a birdhouse in our yard this spring in hopes of capturing some of them on my camera. Overall this birdhouse is so on brand due to its cedar-shingled roof. Overall it’s just too quintessential not to love.


Every gardener needs reliable tools! At first, I purchased a more affordable set of tools but both Matt and I found ourselves snapping the handles or bending the tools altogether – so we decided to invest in the following tools which you can shop herehere & here.

#4 Scallop Terracotta Pots

Overall terracotta pots are always a favorite of mine, especially in spring. I love the vintage feel they bring to a porch or front step. These specific terracotta pots caught my eye due to their uniquely feminine scallop design. I even think these pots would make great Mother’s Day gifts!


Once you start collecting gardening tools, it can feel almost impossible to figure out how to keep everything organized. We found that a Garden Tool Rack is by far the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing way to keep everything in hands reach!


The first thing you’ll need when you start gardening is hand gardening tools. Whether you are like me in the garden harvesting flowers or like Matt trimming your boxwood shrubs down – I found that giving everyone in their home their own set of hand gardening tools is wise, that’s why I love these. I’m all about color-coding who’s gardening tools are who’s and these tools come in so many fun colors to pick from picking a color for each of us was easy and fun.

#7 Hunter Gardening Clogs

Nothing is worse than bringing dirty shoes into a clean home – especially when those shoes have been gardening. I use to garden in my running sneakers but really wanted to get a pair of easy to rinse off shoes since I was constantly having to clean mud off my sneakers, which is why this pair of Hunter Gardening Clogs was perfect.

#8 Cooper Planters

Finally, if you’re in an apartment or just want to dip your toes into the gardening space, I highly recommend starting with a herb garden. I love having a little herb garden in my kitchen and I made sure to keep everything aesthetically on point by purchasing cooper planters which you can check out here & here.

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