New Englander’s Guide to Affordable Home Decor

August 17th, 2018
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 New Englander's Guide to Affordable Home Decor



Whether you’re heading back to a college campus or having to decorate an entirely new space, like Matt and I will be doing very shortly; finding affordable home decor can seem like an endless journey. But as many of you know, home decor is a passion of mine so I was ecstatic when this post was highly recommended and I went straight to work. I’ve spent several days collecting what I think are the most affordable home decor pieces along with my tips and tricks to creating a space that feels like home. 

Worth The Investment: 


If I was limited to buying two items and two items only, these would be the items I’d suggest investing in when you’re purchasing home decor. I’ve certainly saved over the years by investing in good bedding and rugs from the beginning. Instead of wasting money on replacing lower quality yet trendier pieces year after year, I put my money up front and splurge on higher quality pieces with more neutral tones to last me, a decade or two. In fact, I’m planning on using a lot of the home decor I purchased in college, in Matt and I’s first home, so always remember you’re never too young to invest in good home decor. 

  • Tasseled Linen Duvet Cover: To this day, I’m still using the Anthropologie duvet cover, I purchased way back in 2012, for my first college dorm. It’s been a constant feature in my home decor, over the past six years; and has stood the test of new apartments, headboards and changing trends. 
  • Distressed Print Chenille Rug: Nothing defines a space and gives it life, better than a warm unique rug. It’s by far my favorite thing to invest in, and I often turn to rugs as a springboard, when it comes to defining the color story of a room. Ideally, I like to incorporate antique or distressed rugs into high-traffic rooms, like a dorm room, so wear and tear aren’t as noticeable over time. 

Adding Character To Your Space:

 Now, on the other hand adding character to your space is often an inexpensive and creative process, that takes time and often evolves over the years. Whether you go from decorating with posters to portraits or fake flowers to succulent walls; adding character to your space should never be rushed, and is the perfect opportunity to bring in trends, colors, and drama that your investment pieces lack. Personally, my home decor style is very stately, so you’ll see hints of gold metal, vintage finds and desk accessories that work both as decor and for usage. 

  • Gold Earring Organizer: It’s a known fact that I leave my earrings everywhere so I always try to have an earring organizer on my nightstand or desk. I love this one for its minimalistic feel and use of gold metal. 
  • Brass Library Task Lamp: Whether you’re decorating a dorm room or your workspace, every desk needs a lamp, so why not find one that matches you’re aesthetic. I recently purchased two of these library desk lamps because frankly they’re so versatile and I was afraid they might sell out prior to us, closing on a house. 
  • Whale Bookends: Decorating a dorm room are we? Well than bookends are a MUST! I mean you’re in college you know you’ll have books lying around everywhere, so work with what you got, and add some character with this cute set.
  • Felt Letter Board: I love felt boards, Matt and I had one in our last apartment that we hung in the kitchen. Now very rarely did we change it out, BUT it was always entertaining when we gave guests free rein.
  • Vintage Sports Pennants: You might remember a blog post, Matt and I published a while back, on how to create the perfect gallery wall; featuring a bunch of vintage sports pennants. If you don’t remember the post you can read it here and learn more about adding character into your space.  seen in this post.
  • Swingline Vintage Stapler & Metal Scissors: I love finding accessories that have a purpose, especially when I’m trying to decorate a smaller space like a desk or kitchen counter. Accessories that work both as decor and for usage, are key to minimizing clutter and keeping your space functional. 

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