Our House, The Story Of A New England Fixer-Upper: Kitchen Demolition Complete!

February 18th, 2019
Location  •   Connecticut

A New England Fixer-Upper: Kitchen Demolition Complete Aubrey Yandow

If you follow us on Youtube than you probably already know that we’ve been doing some pretty hefty kitchen demolition over the last couple of months. We probably spent all of December chopping down walls, knocking down ceilings and reframing the space. Honestly, we got sort of a slow start to our house renovation. We started by focusing on the exterior demolition, as you can see above. Our intentions were good but we probably should have been focusing on the interior first. Oh well, and less well learned. With that being said, we are now off to the races, and we captured it all for you on camera. 

If you haven’t been following along make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to catch not one but two kitchen demolition videos that have gone live over the last couple of weeks! In the first segment, we removed the appliances, cabinetry and ceiling beams making it a successful first demo-day. The second segment gets a little messier as we take down the ceiling, open up the staircase walls and prepare for new floors. This process was not only physically demanding but also time-consuming, which makes watching it in a timelapse format that much more satisfying.  

I can’t wait to keep you all in the loop, as we get into the design concepts for our house. On that note, don’t forget to respond and catch up on some of our more recent posts like our 10 Steps Guide To Flipping An Old House and The Tools You Need To Properly Demo Your Fixer-Upper.  

Now wish us luck as we head into demoing an even bigger projectour master ensuite! 

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