Morning Classes & Outfit Struggles

November 3rd, 2014

Yup who else has a 7:00 am class this semester? 

Well if you do, then you know the horrible struggle. It is really really hard to function, so forget about getting dressed. 

Well of course I have to get dressed, but I literally dread getting out of my pajamas. 

When it comes to cold morning classes, I go for that classic college girl legging look.

We all know exactly what I am talking about & we have totally all been there.

So what do you guys do, in order to survive morning classes? I have some friends that are all about packing breakfast the night before. 

But I am too inconsistent to decided on what I will eat tomorrow. So the way I survive having to wake up at dawn (crying), is too lay out my clothes & check the weather the night before. 

But it’s kind of silly that I check the weather…because it’s basically the same everyday. But just in case…I will be prepared. morning_attire


I don’t know about you guys, but everyone at my college is getting a little tired.

One more round of midterms before Thanksgiving & I’m truly thankful for that upcoming break. 

Shop This Look : 

Shirt || Here. Book Bag || Here. Leggings || Here.

Boots || Here. college_fashion_for_early_classes

& what the heck…how is it already November. This semester is a lot of work (ew) but also, a lot of “where are the weeks going”? 

So to slow things down…I am trying to prepare for the storm ahead. & totally planning on spending more time relaxing with friends, during these upcoming weekends. longchamp_purse to manage the craziness that occurs at the end of each semester, is a tough one. 

I have a few friends that think of school as a 9-5 job. So they basically stay on campus all day 9-5 and don’t go home, until they are done for the day. They all say they get a lot done…so this week I am going to try that out! 

Even though staying on campus from 9-5 is a long time!!! 

I will obviously keep you guys posted on that! Keep plugging along little ones.



2 thoughts on “Morning Classes & Outfit Struggles

  1. Katie

    I wish I went to college somewhere warm. I have to wear jackets and gloves to class especially in the winter.
    Love the sweater.


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