Light Fixtures Throughout Our New England Fixer-Upper

September 2nd, 2019


Light Fixtures Used Within Our New England Fixer-Upper The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Choosing light fixtures for our New England fixer-upper was the most time-consuming sourcing project I did for our home.

In the end, I purchased and had more than a dozen light fixtures installed. From bathroom sconces to dining room chandeliers, I spent hours sifting through styles, finishes, and mounts. In hindsight, I wish more bloggers and Pinterest pins directly linked to fixtures shown in their space. So, today I’m giving you an in-depth overview of the light fixtures throughout our New England fixer-upper!

Light fixtures have a direct effect on a room’s overall aesthetic – which can make purchasing a light fixture daunting either in-store or online.

At first, I thought shopping in-store would be easiest. But, I found it to be overwhelming! Often the pieces I liked were out-of-stock or came with a delivery time of up to two weeks.

When I decided shopping online was the best option for me – I added my lighting fixture to my cart at Wayfair. As their slogan says, they had “just what I need” with two-day shipping options! 

drum styled chandelier for historic homes the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
Light Fixtures Used Within Our New England Fixer-Upper The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
drum styled chandelier for colonial home the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
flush mount lighting for colonial new england home the coastal confidence

 I had a lot of shopping to do- and as always – I had a very specific idea in mind for what I was looking for.

The biggest hurdle was our budget. Fixtures can get add up quickly, especially when buying upwards of fifteen. Luckily, Wayfair had by far the best pricing, Some pieces I was looking for were even on sale!

Use Chandeliers to Create a Dining Space in an Open-Concept Home

First and foremost I wanted a chandelier!

As you may know, I love a traditional colonial look. Going for a candlelight chandelier like this elegant number was my top pick. However, Matt vetoed the candlelight style. Since it’s his home too, I wanted to meet somewhere in the middle. So I started looking at drum chandeliers. Drum chandeliers are great for short ceiling homes. They are a clean, simple statement piece without being a show-stealer.

Matt and I compromised on this bronze and cooper drum chandelier. Our pick compliments the hardware tones throughout our kitchen makes a statement against our wood-paneled staircase and acts as an anchor for our dining room space. Open-concept homes are perfect for entertaining but don’t foster separate spaces for everyday life. We knew this going into our renovation – so we made sure to create a lighting plan for each area of the main floor -giving each space it’s own signature lighting fixture. For instance, pendant lights over our island, chandeliers over dining room tables and sconces over the fireplace. 


Trouble Shooting With Flush Mount Lighting 

We had a tough time finding flush mount fixtures for our entryways.

 Due to the lack of threshold at our front door, we had to return four flush mount fixtures. With a mere seven inches in depth for a fixture – thank goodness for Wayfair! The site offers a nifty filter to sort your search by depth. The filter allowed us to look at options just below seven inches.

We chose this one!

Although it’s not the most exciting, flush mount lighting can be utilized throughout the home to add character. While it’s not the look I had initially envisioned – ours works with the tight space. Below you’ll find additional fixtures I ordered. Plus, smaller urn-styled lighting I had hoped to fit in the space.


Wayfair Light Fixtures For Historic Homes 2019 The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Pendant Urn Lighting Fixtures For Kitchen Island The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Bedroom Wall Sconces The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Lighting Fixtures Used Within Our Historic Home Wayfair 2019

Our Favorite Pendant Lighting

 I love pendant lighting!

There is nothing more quintessential New England than the urn-style pendant lights we chose to hang above our island.

When choosing, I sorted through a lot of options. Some were long, others were color-tinted. Then I found this unique wide tapered pendant light!

Not only were the wide tapered pendant lights comfortably within my budget – remember we needed two – they also made the space cozy with a historic feel. Lighting fixtures are important to include in your lighting plan, along with modern recessed lighting, which we also added to our kitchen. 

 One thing to keep in mind with pendant lighting is room height. Since we live in an old home we have a short ceiling. We couldn’t go with longer or larger pendants as it hinders eye contact between visitors in the kitchen. 

 I’ve linked a few of styles I loved the most below.


Customize Your Space With Sconces

I saved the best for last – sconces!

I really love sconces. Always have and always will!

I think there is something so collegiate about them. In our home, we have a set of gold sconces on either side of our green velvet headboard in the master bedroom. The sconces act not only as a great source of light at night but also as wall decor. Our bedroom still has a long way to go, but the use of wall sconces has given the room a start on a custom design! 


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