Lavender Farm

July 28th, 2016

lavender field

Dress (on sale!!) || Sneakers (on sale!!) || Purse || Sunglasses

The other day my mother & I took a trip down to Killingworth, Connecticut to visit the Lavender Pond Farm . It was my first time visiting the farm & it was really beautiful, guys. I’m talking wedding venue beautiful.

If you live in Connecticut and are looking for a spot for senior photos, engagement photos or just cute pictures with your friends; this is a great place to visit.

Not to mention it smelt AMAZING! Lavender is my go to calming scent, especially when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. To be honest I have been the definition of overwhelmed recently, apartment hunting is soooooooooo draining, especially apartment shopping VIA the internet.

But hey it could be way way way worse. My life is good & if lavender can make me feel calming during the mood, then hey bring on the lavender. 

the coastal confidence
walking around the lavender farm
lavender bunch
white sneakers
madewell dress

Now that we are all zen from our intake of lavender let’s talk about something really important…the end of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

Such a sad day guys, the sale ends this week so make sure to go and grab any last minute items. I grabbed this Madewell dress on sale a few days ago for fall & I’m obsessed with it.

Also I had to go extra basic on you all & grab a new pair of white sneakers. These sneakers are for under $100 and super cute. As summer comes to an end, I like to place the flip flops on the back rack & pull out the closed toe shoes. 

Oh and did I mention they are comfy!?!? Sooooo comfy.

nike white sneakers

lavender trip

new england

I want to take a moment to tell you guys about my relationship with stress. Stress & I are not friends in anyway. At all. & as many of you know moving is bags on bags of stress.

So I wanted to take a moment and tell you guys that stress is okay, whether you are moving to Texas or moving back into college, August has always been a month of moving and stress for me.

Soooo I wanted to share some helpful tips that help me deal with stress: 

Going for a walk & listening to music, this calms my nerves & helps me feel proactive

Sniffing lavender (no joke) essential oils are literally essential to my life

Making a plan, this may sound obvious but take a time make a to-do list and tackle whatever is giving you stress one bullet point at a time

Love you all & wishing you a relaxing and stress free weekend. xx A.

nordstrom sale

shirt dress

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