If You’re Feeling Lost: How To Rediscover Yourself

July 17th, 2019
Location  •   Groton, Connecticut

How To Embrace Feeling Lost and Find Redirection The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Let’s talk about how to embrace feeling lost by redirecting your thoughts!

Recently I’ve been feeling lost – and it’s not the greatest feeling. Usually, I’m on deadline and respond to all emails by the end of a workday. Up until June, I felt good about where I was at in life and where I wanted to go. But once summer hit, I began to worry about creating new adventures and where those adventures would take me.

Initially, I wanted to push away the feeling of being lost. As someone who considers themselves Type-A I started sorting out my thoughts by printing spreadsheets, listening to podcasts, and watching Skillshares. I put all my hope into my efforts igniting a new direction for me – but nothing did. It isn’t until I decided to sit with and embrace the lost feeling that I naturally found redirection and a newfound purpose.

Now, I’m sharing my journey of self-discovery with you:

How To Embrace Feeling Lost and Find Redirection The Coastal Confidence
Nantucket Whaler The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
What To Do When You're Feeling Lost In Your Career The Coastal Confidence

Accepting The ‘Lost’ Feeling

Before you can redirect yourself – you need to check yourself. At the beginning of June, my overwhelming work deadlines and lack of organization was triggering anxiety. At first, I thought it was just me adjusting to the move. I began telling myself that I was being lazy and inefficient. But as the weeks went on I was getting more and more frustrated with myself. That is, until last week -Friday to be exact – when I woke up and had an epiphany. I was simply unsure of the next steps I wanted to take in life and was feeling lost for the first time ever. So, I took a deep breath and embraced the feeling.



It’s important to find why you got lost in the first place. Whether you’re unhappy with your goals, current living situation, or lack of consistency in life – becoming self-aware will help you discover a new purpose. I suggest getting outdoors to connect with nature, journaling, or doing something you once enjoyed that you haven’t in awhile.


 Once you’ve sat with your feeling and truly embraced them – it’s time to redirect. I found this to be the hardest concept to grasp because it only showed itself to me I chose to be fully open. I found a long walk, meditating, and taking a drive with an intention set to think things through very cathartic. By allowing myself time to step away from strategic spreadsheets and numbing apps, I gained the ability to foster a redirection. 

Acknowledge You Don’t Need to Be ‘Fixed’ 

I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself about moving forward. I am always wanting to take on the next project that I never give myself the opportunity to take in the present moment. Throughout the process of embracing my own ‘lost’ journey, I realized negative feelings aren’t always in need of quick fixing. Knowing my goals without knowing how to get there or what comes next can be an adventure in and of itself. By slowing down I opened myself up to internal conversations I once would have thought weren’t strategically aligned to even consider. For that, I’m grateful.

Even when it looks like you have everything under control you can still feel lost. But know, your emotions are valid and worth navigating through!

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