How To Stop Overpacking: Why Jumpsuits Are My Secret Weapon

May 7th, 2018
Location  •   Costa Rica

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At the start of the year, I told you guys this would be Matt and I’s year of travel and I was by no means over exaggerating. From San Francisco to Costa Rica we’ve quite literally been non-stop traveling since January and I must say, no matter how far we travel, my family and I always seem to come back to Costa Rica. From its lush green landscape to its abundance of wildlife, I’d strongly stand behind Costa Rica as my favorite tropical destination.

Now with this being our fifth trip of 2018, I must say I’ve finally gotten into a grove when it comes to packing, unpacking and most importantly avoiding my downfall, over packing. I never regret over packing until I get back home, or as I like to call it the post-vacation wreck when I’m dealing with double the dry cleaning, laundry loads and my least favorite part double the folding, hanging and steaming. I avoid laundry like the plague, on a daily basis, but by using these few packing tactics I’ve listed off below, I’ve single-handedly solved the packing epidemic. Now, let me introduce you to my secret weapon…the jumpsuit.

I mean, the jumpsuit is my secret weapon but before you use the secret weapon you need to have your ducks in a row. First and foremost the easiest way to reduce the possibility of over packing is by packing the bare necessities as the Jungle Book says. I always lay out my vacation outfit options on top of my bed before placing anything in my suitcase. By visually being able to see everything I’m about to roll up into my suitcase, helps me eliminate useless pieces and minimizes the laundry on the flipside. 


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Next, I pack everything into packing cubes, which I’ve talked about obsessively before in this YouTube video. I live by my packing cubes and I wish I had used them while I was traveling in college, but you live and learn. Anyway, I usually pack my cubes one per vacation day and even label them with a list of exactly what is in the cubes. I mean you’d be surprised to see the extraordinary amount of clothes that can fit in those little zip-up bags. Oh and don’t forget to pack a laundry bag in your suitcase, just throw all your dirty clothes into the bag throughout vacation and this tactic will cut down cleanup time when you arrive home. Just dump the bag into the wash, no hassle. 

Okay finally, let’s talk about why jumpsuits are my secret weapon when it comes to packing.  I kind of went overboard with jumpsuits on this trip, bringing exactly four for my seven day trip to Costa Rica but let me tell you they are a god sent.  I’ve never had such a deflated suitcase, usually, my suitcase is bursting by the seams but since jumpsuits are a one-step outfit, I was able to leave behind pieces that take up more space in my luggage like jeans and skirts. Not to mention jumpsuits are so low maintenance, I never once had to pull out my steamer as they all traveled incredibly well AND the best part, they are all non-dry cleanable. So when you get home just throw them in the wash on cold and they are as good as new. 

I’ll basically do anything to cut down my dry cleaning bill and if jumpsuits are the way so be it. 

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Okay now, let’s talk about this outfit! I use to avoid jumpsuits because of my height being on the more petite side, but recently I’ve given them a second chance, and have come to find that they are a packing god sent. Just like dresses, jumpsuits are a one-piece solution to your night out. In the past, I would have automatically picked a dress over a jumpsuit but today I’ve fallen in love with the retro 40’s cut jumpsuits that are hitting the retail floors. With a high waistline and signature, boat legged cut these suits are classic, elegant and paying an homage to one of my favorite style decades. 

The night before heading to Costa Rica, Matt and I ran out to Walmart at 11:00 PM to grab some last minute sunscreen when I stumbled into this jumpsuit. Ringing up just under $20 I knew it was perfect for my trip and if I do say so myself, olive always looks great on me so the color instantly sold me. I played off of the 40’s retro cut by adding a visor and letting my hair naturally curl. Now I’d love to hear from you what packing tricks do you live by? Let me know below. 



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