How To Make Ice Cream Snowmen, An Easy Holiday Dessert With Graeter’s Ice Cream

December 3rd, 2018

An Easy Holiday Dessert With Graeter's Ice Cream The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

They say this is the most wonderful time of the year, and I think my taste buds would just have to agree. Nothing is more magical than getting together with the ones you love over a potluck of appetizers, lavish meals, and decadent desserts. In fact, from now until January 1st, our calendar is jam-packed with Yankee swaps, ugly Christmas sweater shindigs, and family festivities filled with all of my favorite holiday dishes. But by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, I’d say I’m all Christmas cookied out. In fact, last year on the blog, I shared why I traded in sugar cookie and gingerbread men decorating for a festive holiday ice cream bar, for all to remember, and for your reference here. 

So when I saw my favorite family-owned ice cream brand, Graeter’s, had already rolled out there vast holiday flavor options to storefronts the other day; I knew it was time to start brainstorming this year’s holiday dessert featuring Graeter’s Ice Cream. Now, to be fair, my Mom actually came up with this idea, I was brainstorming out loud and she suggested making ice cream snowmen and I instantly knew the old-fashioned french pot process of making ice cream, that Graeter’s uses, would create the perfect texture to pull off this Instagram worthy dessert concept. In fact, it only took us one try to get these snowmen right and below we’ve listed exactly how to make ice cream snowmen for your holiday party dessert bar! 

Graeter's Ice Cream Easy Holiday Desserts The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
easy ice cream holiday dessert ideas the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
Graeter's Ice Cream Easy Holiday Desserts The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
ice cream snowman holiday dessert ideas the coastal confidence aubrey yandow

First and foremost we need the right ingredients to pull off these festive fellows. All and all you’ll need: 

Graeter’s Holiday Flavor Ice Cream: I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, so every year I look forward to Graeter’s limited edition peppermint stick flavor, filled with crunchy candy cane bits. Now not everyone is a fan of mint, so I suggest having three to six flavors for your guests to pick from. Personally, my favorite Graeter’s flavors are: Eggnog, Vienna Coffee & Black Cherry Chocolate Chip! 

Waffle Cups & Cones: Waffle cups are not only a fan favorite but also a great way to contain ice cream drippings and reduce party mess. With that being said, I opted to make these snowmen within waffle cups and gave guests the option to top of their snowman with an iconic waffle cone hat

Edible PEARLS: Who could forget those eyes made out of coal! We used edible pearls to pull off the classic black buttons and eyes of coal. 

Pretzel Sticks: One bag of pretzel sticks for the snowmen arms. 

Shredded Coconut: Because what’s a snowman without shredded coconut snow! 

Fruit By The Foot: A few boxes of fruit by the foot to cut, shape or mold into the perfect scarf. 

How To Make Ice Cream Snowmen The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
How To Make Ice Cream Snowmen The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
easy ice cream holiday dessert ideas the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
An Easy Holiday Dessert With Graeter's Ice Cream The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Now that we have all the ingredients let’s talk about everything you need to know about how to make ice cream snowmen, an easy holiday dessert with Graeter’s Ice Cream

Step One / Prepare The Snowman Base – The night before you’re going to want to prepare the three scoops of ice cream into almost hemisphere like shapes, per snowman. Of course, the largest base scoop was the most important, so I created this iconic snowman base, by wrapping these tiny bowls in plastic wrap and filling them with ice cream until completely full. I then stuck these bowls in the freezer, right side up. You’ll only need one base scoop per guest. 

Step Two / Prepare The Snowman Body – Next, I grabbed two different sized cookie scoopers to shape the middle and head of the snowman. I layered parchment paper over a large cookie sheet and began scooping. I then scooped the Graeter’s pints by flavor alternating between the differently sized cookie scoopers until I had an even amount of snowman parts. I then left the ice cream in the freezer overnight. 

Step Three / setting up your Snowman Assembly Bar – The following day, I would set up an area for your guests to assemble their snowmen in. It’s pretty simple and quite fun, you’ll need tiny bowls to organize your pretzel sticks, edible beads, fruit by the foot and shredded coconut in; this is essential to maintaining the mess. In fact, you can get creative and add additional toppings too; I went a little extra and included silver and gold edible glitter along with mini candy canes for guests to crumble on top. Other items you’ll need are the waffle cups, cones, and bowls and don’t forget the spoons. All and all we want to create a festive space for guests to gather and snap a quick photo or two of their creations. 

Step Four / Assembling – When your guests are ready, it’s time to retrieve the carefully scooped Graeter’s Ice Cream! You’ll want to use the plastic wrap to gently lift the snowman base out of the tiny silver bowl and into the base of the waffle cup; which you could fill with coconut flakes, a brownie or even cookies. Next, you’ll want to add on the larger cookie scoop for the body and the smaller cookie scoop for the head, feel free to have toothpicks on hand if you want your snowman structure to last longer. Next, move your guests to the assembly bar and let them have at it! This is all about having fun, so get creative and tag me along with Graeter ice cream in any recreations you come up with! 

And now you know how to make ice cream snowmen for your next holiday shindig. This is by far one of the easiest holiday dessert creations I’ve whipped up and yet I think it looks the most impressive. With that being said, I’m wishing you all a happy holiday and don’t forget to get your limited edition Graeter’s holiday flavors before they’re gone!

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