How Matt & I Met

February 6th, 2017

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 2

In terms of my Valentine’s Day style, I’ve been loving off the shoulder looks, but I often find that they lack something.

So when I stumbled upon this Trollbead Nek Bangle, online it was ecstatic. It’s the perfect piece to finish the off the shoulder look while keeping it classy and elegant. & I loved that I could add the pearl charm or take it off for a simple silver look, personally, I think the necklace makes the whole outfit. 

Okay, now in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured I would share a little Valentine’s Day outfit and how Matt & I met, with you all. valentines day - the coastal confidence - 4

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 3
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 5

I honestly don’t know where to begin but to put it frankly, Matt & I met on Facebook.

He’ll deny it but it’s the truth. 

I was in high school during the prime facebook era. I’m talking about when we use to send each other bumper stickers (no such thing as a GIF), post statuses like ‘off to the movies, text the cell’ and literally had full on conversations with friends via posting on walls. 

If I could burn my facebook statuses from 2009, I would. A number of times I told people to xx ‘text the cell :)’ looking back it’s so embarrassing.

Oh, and if you were wondering by ‘cell‘ I meant my LG chocolate phone.  Ugh god, once I even wrote a status saying ‘BBM me’ back in the good old days of the blackberry. Did any of you guys have blackberries? Let me know below. valentines day - the coastal confidence - 8

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 6
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 7
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 10

Okay, so back to how we met. One day, I logged on to my Facebook and posted a status saying: Bye, (insert town in CT I live in) off to Punta Cana!

& guys Mr. Matt couldn’t help himself. Anyway, he commented saying ‘Wait, I live in (insert town in CT I live in).’

Oh and Matt totally thought he was all that and a bag of chips, so he had to investigate how I could possibly live in ‘his town’.

To give you all a little bit of context, Matt and I literally lived ten minutes away from each other, in the same town. We never met, though because Matt went to public school and I went to a private school; until high school when Matt went to the, all boys school affiliated with my all girl school.

& from that point on we were constantly texting. I can remember Matt complaining that I texted way to slow, but you guys it’s hard writing love notes in the 2000s on an LG Chocolate Phone. Can anyone relate!?valentines day - the coastal confidence - 9

valentines day attire - the coastal confidence - 1
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 12
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 11

Anyway, we hit it off right away and after hanging out a few times we started dating at the age of 14 in June 2009. This June will be the eighth year I’ve known Matt (wow) and honestly, nothing much has changed.

This year get ready to see a lot more Matt on the blog! He literally is one of the most charismatic people I know and I feel like you all need a little dose of Mr. Matt. Trust me you’ll love him. 

Okay, guys, that’s all I’ve gotten. I hope this outfit inspired you and got you thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day. Off to bed after a whirlwind of a weekend, more on that on Wednesday. 

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4 thoughts on “How Matt & I Met

  1. Brenna McCann

    Seriously have been dying to know how ya’ll met!!! Love this sweet story and recently joined the online dating world. Even if I don’t meet Mr. Right, I have met some good friends. Glad to know I’m not the only one hehe!


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