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December 20th, 2016


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For the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home, am I right!? Guys, Matt & I are back in Connecticut for Christmas & we have been enjoying every charming moment of it.

From random dustings of snow to heading to NYC on Thursday, our time here is limited but just darling. We knew we wanted to try to capture as much of New England’s winter charm before heading back to Dallas, so yesterday we headed to one of our favorite shoreline towns, Essex.

Essex Connecticut has always been a favorite of ours, specifically because of the charming homes & delicious seafood; which is literally my favorite thing to eat. I’ll be honest though, us Texans (eww, it feels wrong even saying that) didn’t pack for the weather of New England, I was literally FREEZING.

It was a crisp 28 degrees and I was so cold, that I was literally crying, which actually now sounds pathetic, but in the moment was so real.



I recently have gotten a lot of questions from you all asking about how I style tights. & to be honest the answer is always with a pair of black boots & a cute skirt. If you live in New England then you need a good pair of tights because 28 degrees in no tights is literally my worst nightmare.

I always recommend going with an affordable pair, as they are easy to break, so I grabbed this pair for only $7.00. Tights are essential because baby it’s cold outside, but actually!

Going home for the holidays are always exciting and I feel like I always try to dress for the occassion & this year Matt got into the spirit.



Okay so if you are headed home for the holidays with your mate, significant other or as I like to call Matt my less worthy half (haha JUST KIDDING), you need to go home prepared. I always like to bring a little treat home, and this year I brought cookies.

I found Stefanie Rosales on Instagram & reached out to her hoping to make some TCC cookies. I basically said ‘go for it’ because I think creatives are exactly that, good at being creative, and shouldn’t be directed & oh boy….she killed it.

She made the sugar cookies featured above with The Coastal Confidence and my New England aesthetic in mind, and I literally cried when I saw them. Yes, I cried over cookies, wouldn’t you!?

So if you are headed home for the holidays don’t arrive empty handed, especially if you’re meeting your better half’s parents, just place your order with Stefanie & bring the New England chic cookies around.

Oh & this is not sponsored, I’m just LITERALLY obsessed with them! & I truly believe that a good guest should bring a little something, don’t you agree?

Okay Matt & I are off to the mall today, wish us luck. xx Aubrey


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