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November 29th, 2020
Location  •   Connecticut
Scotties x Genevieve Gorder Collection The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Thank you Scotties Facial Tissues for sponsoring this post.

It’s that time of year, going home for the holidays – where holiday traditions both new and old are brought to life!

For many of us ‘home for the holidays’ this season has a different meaning. As temperatures drop and travel may not be an option for some of us this winter, each of our holidays may look unique and a little less busy from years past. Yet, there’s still so much to be grateful for.

My mom always makes being home for the holidays extremely special. From her homemade holiday coffeecakes to decking the halls with spectacular Christmas themes – a lot of work and preparation goes into getting my family’s home picturesque for the snowy season.

Historically, my mom commissions my siblings and myself to lend a hand in decorating each year. But, this year was a little different. Matt and I helped set up and make festive all 8 Christmas trees. So, when my siblings arrive later this week my parents can enjoy their company and not worry about stringing Christmas lights and tying holiday bows.

While decorating my parents’ home we made sure to add a special touch to each room with this year’s festive boxes of Scotties Facial Tissues. Once again, Scotties Facial Tissues teamed up with Genevieve Gorder to design eight festive facial tissue boxes for this holiday season.

You might remember Scotties x Genevieve Gorder Collection from last year which we showcased on the blog. This season you’ll find new designs that incorporate natural textures, sparks of glitter, vintage graphics, and Scandinavian motifs!

I showed my mom the Scotties x Genevieve Gorder Collection and she adored the new styles! My mom and I made sure each room was fitted with Scotties Triple Soft. Its 3-ply softness can handle your toughest sneezes and colds – just in case a sneeze hits your senses!

Matt and I enjoyed being a part of getting my parent’s home ready for the holidays. In this post, the candy-cane-ribbon-themed tree is nestled inside my parents’ master bedroom. While the food-ornament-themed tree is on full display in the kitchen. Matt and I actually assembled the tree ourselves and topped it with a very large curly Merry Christmas Bow!

The only trees left are the live ones my dad purchases each year from my Uncle Bobby’s tree farm. One of the real Christmas trees will be set up in our living room; the second Christmas tree will be placed on the porch for the birds – a tribute to my grandpa; and the last live tree my dad will string up to decorate the home’s side barn.

We weren’t sure if my siblings would make it home for the holidays. But, as of today, it looks like they may be in Connecticut even longer. Once they arrive, we’ll follow through on one tradition. We’ll decorate the single real tree in my parent’s living room with rainbow lights and our homemade childhood Christmas ornaments.

How are you preparing your home for the holiday season? This year, decorating too early simply isn’t a thing!



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