New Englander’s Guide To Packing For Ski Season

January 28th, 2019
Location  •   Vermont

New Englander's Guide To Packing For Ski Season The Coastal Confidence



Winter is here and that means it’s time to pack up your wool mittens and ski essentials, jump in the car and head up north. New Englander’s are fortunate enough to have some amazing ski mountains in our region, among other things. With that being said, I’m a professional at packing last minute and heading up north to ski for the weekend; and I felt like it was about time I share my packing tips with you all.  On that note, here is my New Englander’s Guide To Packing For Ski Season

Ski Slope Staples: 

  • Softshell Ski Pants:  If you’re looking to hit the ski slopes this winter, I highly recommend investing in a quality pair of ski pants. Whether you’re skiing, shoveling or heading into the snow to capture some pictures, you’ll want these waterproof pants with fleece lining. While ski pants are definitely an investment piece, it’s something you’ll purchase once and have for your closet for decades to come. 
  • Transitional Ski Jacket: When it comes to investing in a ski jacket, I always look for a design that will transition easily from the ski slopes to dinner out on the town. With that in mind, I always look for a jacket that is not only waterproof and insulated; but also made with flexible material and cut with a feminine sliming style, making it easy to pack one jacket for every aspect of your ski trip. 


Pieces Worth Packing:

  • Vintage Ski Style: Ski season means getting to dress the part on and off the slope. Whenever I head up north I always like to pack vintage inspired ski pieces, from fair isle sweaters to puffer jackets like this one; dressing the part is almost half the fun. 


  • Bombas Ski & Snowboard Socks: You’re only as warm as your coldest feet, should be the official slogan for packing for ski season. It can get cold quickly and I always seem to feel it first in my toes, no matter the shoe gear, so before heading up north make sure you pack a pair or two of ski and snowboarding socks. This pair from Bombas does the best job by far. 


  • Sorel Snow Boots: It’s time to leave the duck boots behind and pull out the snow boots, I mean it’s ski season after all. When shopping for snow boots I recommend looking for a pair that is waterproof and fleece lined, this will help keep those ski socks dry and your toes warm. 


  • Snowy Day Shades: Sunglasses might not seem like an essential, but remember snow is reflective and as you head up north you’ll find yourself amongst mounds of snow.  Whether you’re driving or exploring quintessential towns you’ll want your shades on hand. 


  • Heritage Wooden Snowshoes: What’s a trip up north without a morning snowshoe run. I decided to invest in these wooden snowshoes last year, to take with me whenever Matt and I headed up north. I’ll have to admit I’ve used them more as a prop than anything else but still an essential if you ask me. 


  • Ultra Warm Bomber Hat: If you’re a longtime reader then you’ve definitely seen me style this hat more often than not. I purchased this bomber hat way back in 2012 and have worn it year after year, see how I’ve styled it here, here & here

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