Cozying up by the Fire in Holiday Socks

November 6th, 2017
Location  •   New England, USA

Cozy on up by the fireTo be honest, I’m officially in the holiday mode which means spending time and making time to appreciate family and friends. No matter how spread out my family is, or the TCC Crew, this time of year is all about cozying up to the fire in the cutest holiday socks…am I right! 

This year I really wanted to go into this holiday season prepared and hopefully less stressed than previous years. At the end of the day, I want to make lasting memories with Matt, my family, and the TCC Crew; which means more smores and less time waiting to find a parking space in the mall parking lot. 

With that being said my goal this year is to accomplish all of my holiday shopping by December 8th! You heard me right the 8th of December, no last moment gifts over here. Hopefully, by having all my online shopping done in advance I’ll save both money and time. Anyway, traditions are important to me and one of my most beloved holiday traditions is cozying up by the fire in holiday socks. 

November Bucket List-8761
November Bucket List-8766
November Bucket List-8705


It’s the gift you use to hate as a child, but socks are a gift giving staple! I go above and beyond with the holiday sock game so below I’ve linked a few of my favorites, specifically these candy cane sockspenguin socks for him and these New England bean boot socks. I already purchased a whopping twelve pairs of socks and maybe a pajama bottom or two



Anyway, over the weekend my sister Tessie and I sat back by the fire and enjoyed some burnt smores in our cozy socks. With some good laughs and maybe a marshmallow catching on fire (or two) we kicked off this holiday season with laughter and joy. So don’t stress this year, plan your shopping ahead and just kick up those feet by the fire. xx Aubrey.


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