Colonial Inspired Vases, Pots & Planters For Spring

April 21st, 2021
Location  •   New England

It’s official – spring! And we know that means spring florals like daffodils, dogwoods, and tulips are just around the corner.

One of the first things I do when spring arrives is bring florals into the home. It’s my reward after a cold snow-filled winter. Last spring, I decorated my entire fireplace mantel with vintage pastel vases and daffodils. And ever since, one of my most frequently asked questions has been: Aubrey, ‘where are your floral vases, pots, planters, and dough bowls from?’

Well, I’m here to tell you!

Living a New England lifestyle is seasonal. Meaning, it’s ideal to purchase items with multiple uses. Such as, a vase that can be used to hold flowers in the spring, empty as general decor, or with faux florals during fall and winter. And while I don’t naturally have a green thumb, interest in gardening, or love of floral prints – I do gravitate towards bringing florals mostly for color inside the home this time of year.

Here are some colonial-inspired vases, pots, and planters for spring I love:

Pitcher Vases – I love decorating with empty pitchers year-round. Something about a neutral or earth-toned empty vase comes off extremely colonial to me. To fit my home’s colonial New England aesthetic I often reach for pitcher vases in grey, white, or a neutral terracotta. Not only do they look timeless with or without flowers they give off a very french kitchen look – which I love! You’ll find some of my favorites linked below.

Pastel & Ginger Jar Vases – I inherited a couple of pastel vases from my grandmother who collected quite the assortment. I have to say they are quite cute! If you know me or have seen my home, you know I’m a very cool-toned person. I gravitate towards lots of muted greens, browns, and greys. So, it’s fun to have inexpensive pops of pastels that I can use in a more ‘seasonal’ design fashion. I love scoring eBay, Etsy, and Terrian for items like this. I’ve liked a few of my favorites here, here & here.

The classic New England style ginger jar adds a nautical flair to a white and blue theme colonial home. Ginger Jar vases look great empty all year round or even more spectacular with a pop of yellow daffodils or a bundle of white hydrangeas.

Antique Pots – With a nod to french interior design comes my love of antique or scalloped pots. You can’t go wrong with a classic orange terracotta pot. I always purchase mine from The Home Depot, but there is something unique about antique-styled pots too. If I’m not purchasing my pots from The Home Depot love to find these at my local antique shops. Antique pots like this remind me of my sister Tessa – I can see her one day filling her home with them!

Wooden Planters – I love wooden planters either inside or outside the home. For our backyard patio, Matt and I went with a simple design. And not we use our wooden planters during all four seasons. In fact, over the holidays we lined our front steps with them and added tiny Christmas trees with lights. Whether you go for simple or something more intricate – you truly can’t go wrong with a wooden planter.

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