Best Places To Get Work Done In Boston

August 12th, 2019
Location  •   Boston, MA


BEST PLACES TO GET WORK DONE IN BOSTON The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow
BEST PLACES TO GET WORK DONE IN BOSTON The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

While it might sound like a dream job, I’ll be the first one to admit working from home, or hotel room when traveling, can become a bit uninspiring! So today I’m sharing the best places to get work done in Boston.

On several occasions, I’ve found myself distracted to clean the kitchen when I should be writing blog posts. Or even worse – watching Youtube videos when I should be working on my own Youtube channel.

Working from home comes with the perks of casual wear and an obsolete commute, but it also can be hard to get motivated and stay on task. That’s why I’ve decided to make quarterly visits to cities I have business relationships in. 

Whether I’m visiting for business or to meet with friends, my trips to Boston are always productive. I start with an early travel time so I can get into the city and find a place to work until it’s time to meet with a friend or public relations representative. Being in the city ignites my creativity and keeps me on task while being social.

If you’re a student in Boston looking for a place to study, someone who works from home like me, or on a business trip – here are the finest places to get work done in Boston. 


No place is more motivating than the gorgeous Boston Public Library. With green-shaded lamps on desks and gorgeous staircases leading to rooms filled with old books, the quiet space will inspire you. Anytime I’m in the building, it takes me right back to my collegiate days!


Whether you need a double espresso iced latte or a Vietnamese coffee martini to keep your creative juices flowing Jaho Coffee Roaster will perk you up. Located near downtown in Chinatown, Jaho is my go-to place to settle into a workflow – with hopes of meeting up with friends for a drink and Lo Mein dinner to celebrate the weekend.  A bonus is Jaho is open late! 


I love grabbing a seat on Eataly Boston‘s busy patio! This Instagram-worthy spot offers the best Italian food including pizza, Caprese salad, and different types of pasta. I’ll usually bring my laptop along and knock out a blog post or two over lunch.

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