About The Coastal Confidence

"The Coastal Confidence embraces all the whimsical charms and traditions of a new england lifestyle and shares them in hopes to aspire, inspire and relate to all readers."

Aubrey Yandow is the creator of The Coastal Confidence, which is a website that encompasses lifestyle, fashion, home decor and travel. The meaning behind The Coastal Confidence comes from my experience with how having confidence in yourself can change the way you view your life. When you are confident in yourself and surround yourself with all things that make you feel confident, you’ll find yourself laughing, finding happiness in the little things and paving your way to success.

“It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” - Leonardo da Vinci"

The Coastal Confidence started when I moved to California for college and left Connecticut behind. When I moved cross country I realized how much I loved the New England lifestyle and my home. It was what I loved & it was what inspired me, so I used my time in California to bring a piece of New England with me & made it my job to share it with everyone else who felt the same way. Some how along that journey I feel in love with the business of blogging and the inspiration of creating content, bringing us to today where I’m running my blog as my full time business. & in 2015 I opened The Coastal Confidence at home where I sell home decor that captures the essence of New England’s lifestyle.

“My goal is to inspire readers who need a little inspiration in their life, aspire the readers who are dreaming towards a New England lifestyle and relate to all readers who are just like me.”

I believe in the power of optimism and every morning before getting out of bed I read over a note page in my phone, where I list all the things that make me happy. I listed a few for you all, here are some things I can’t live without: trent black tea lemonade, Netflix, thunderstorms, New England fall, Christmas in Connecticut, my kitten Eloise, apple picking and getting emails from TCC readers.