A Visit To Freund Farm in East Canaan

June 13th, 2021

Last month, my Mom and I drove to East Canaan to visit Freund Farm, a New England Dairy farm, we’ve been interested in checking out for over a year. As soon as we parked the car, I could tell getting to visit Freund Farm was worth the wait. We spent a good hour just exploring the blooming garden center filled with perennials, herbs, and hanging flowers. My mom and I also checked out their farm stand that was stocked with delicious treats, chicken pot pies, and planting supplies.

Speaking of planting supplies, when we visited, it had just started warming up in New England. So, it was great to kick off our gardening season with a visit to Freund’s Farm. I highly suggest utilizing your upcoming warm weekends by doing some planting of your own!

Freund Farm was established in 1949 and today this 3rd generation family dairy farm offers so much more to its community than just dairy. Like many dairy farms, Freund Farm has diversified what it offers its community with a focus on sustainability.

Amanda Freund gave us a tour of her family-run farm and shared how their invention of CowPots came about. Last spring I introduced you all to CowPots for planting, in this post. CowPots are made right here in Connecticut – on Freund’s Farm in East Canaan! A nod to how this dairy farm is forward-thinking in sustainability.

The biodegradable, seed-starting pots are crafted out of composted, odorless solids left after manure is run through the methane digester that provides renewable power for Freund Farm! CowPots are a great alternative to plastic and are a great choice for starting seeds or transplants – resulting in zero waste. The Freund family manufactures the pots right on their dairy farm which still amazes me.

Amanda was also kind enough to let me greet the cows and show me the robotic milking process. Interestingly enough the cows at Freund’s farm actually get to create their own milking schedules. This milking barn has automated milking robots that allow the cows to walk into a milking stall on their own any time of day.

With each New England Dairy farm visit, I leave learning so much about the dairy industry and the families that work within it. I loved getting to see firsthand how the innovative technology New England Dairy farmers use provides exceptional animal care – which leads to fresh, high-quality milk.  I feel so inspired by the passion, hard work, and innovation demonstrated by this Connecticut farm family.

Thank you to New England Dairy and the Connecticut Milk Promotion Board for sponsoring this post.


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