A Beach Breather

May 13th, 2016

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Cover-Up || Hat || Sunglasses || Swimwear || Shoes

It’s Friday & thank god. This week was a crazy one at the TCC office. So lets take a moment and have a beach breather together. 

As you all probably know, our team went up to Boston to enjoy every part of the city in spring and do a little business.

I’m actually beyond proud to announce that our mugs will now be for sale in Massachusetts! Yes you heard that right!!! You can now find your favorite Boston mugs on Newbury & Charles St. at Blackstone’s. 

I’m beyond excited about this little expansion of my brand & I hope you all have time this weekend to walk in and check out the mugs for yourself. 


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This month has kind of kicked me in the butt to be honest. I’m actually writing this post at 12:30 am currently, and I’m on my third cup of coffee. 

I kind of love that it’s been crazy busy. BUSY IS GOOD! 

I’m working on sharing more content that you guys requested soooooo Matt will be doing another Reel Talk segment next week! If you haven’t read any of his Reel Talk segments you can read the last two here & here

Anyways, I need your HELP! Send in any questions you might have for him. He is anxiously awaiting all of your Q&A’s. I personally love seeing what you guys come up with. 

Anyways on happy notes, Matt & I both graduate next week (ahhhhh) soooooooo life is getting real, really quickly. straw hat

palm tree1

So I want to take a moment to check in with you fellow seniors. What’s going on/how are you all doing. 

This time of year is like a tornado of change & that can be really hard. I like to think that I welcome change easily but I really don’t. I’m a very focused person, so when something happens that takes my attention away from my current #goal….well I just kind of get frustrated. 

& a frustrated Aubrey is like a perfect storm. 

So I want to take a moment to check in with you all, & if you are feeling overwhelmed with change just Netflix and breath through it. 

Everything will work out & maybe switch out that coffee for a calming tea, and just chill. I know it’s hard. 
punta cana

beach breather

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