5 Tips For Moving To A New State

October 17th, 2018

It’s no secret that Matt and I have done our fair share of moving. Whether it was cross country to California, or in Matt’s case from the country to the busiest city known to man NYC; we seem to be packing up and moving almost bi-yearly. With our recent move back to New England we thought it was about time to share our tips five tips for moving to a new state. 

In fact, did you know that I had never even visited Dallas until I moved there back in 2016!? Looking back on it now, moving to a new state, especially one you’re not familiar with can seem overwhelming; but whether you’re moving for a job or because you’re captivated by the lifestyle we’re here to help you transition smoothly. I really hope you enjoy this video, and please leave a comment with any insight or tricks you have acquired from moving too.

Okay, okay okay, I’m going to stop rambling just make sure to watch the video to get the full experience. Finally, make sure to subscribe to our channel here and check out our last video upload here

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