5 Books To Bring To The Beach This Summer

May 22nd, 2018
Location  •   Costa Rica


It’s finally starting to feel warm enough in New England to make the treacherous voyage to our historic and notable beach towns. Whether you’re traveling to Watch Hill for a day at the beach or to Provincetown for a weekend getaway, I’ve got you covered when it comes to beach reads. If I’m being honest, the only place I ever seem to be able to read is actually at the beach. Maybe it’s the cooling breeze or the calming sound of the waves crashing along the shore, or maybe a combo of the two, but the one thing I know for sure is that it’s my ideal place to catch up on my reading list. 

The beach seems to be the only place that can block out the sound of social media and lock me into the present moment or rather the current pages I’m reading. Whenever I sit down to unpack my reading books at the beach I always get a chuckle from my friends as my taste is as basic and obscure as it could get. From cheesy romance books to self-help books, I’m usually reading at least three books at a time depending on my mood and depth of attentiveness. So I decided I’d share the exact books I brought with me to my most recent trip to the beach in the video above and I’ve also listed an extensive review of each book below! 5 Books To Bring To The Beach This Summer The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

5 Books To Bring To Nantucket This Summer New England
Romantic Books To Bring To The Beach This Summer The Coastal Confidence

#1 The Power of Habit – I was able to finish the entity of this book on my plane ride to Costa Rica, which is incredible because I’m basically the slowest reader ever. I love books that open up the conversation about self-reflection and self-improvement, or as my Mom calls them ‘self-help’. Some people might think these books are full of s*** but I say otherwise, this book focuses strongly on how our daily habits affect our success in the long term, whilst pointing out triggers and ways we can rework some of the most habilitating habits one might have. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or feeling stuck in route, this book will 100% push you towards your best self. 

#2 Commonwealth – Drama Lamas. I mean, it wouldn’t be Aubrey’s reading list if drama wasn’t involved. This coming of age book brings the reader through all the emotions of a struggling blended family. This book has been at the top of my reading list for some time, and to learn more you’ll just have to read it for yourself. 

#3 The Daily Stoic – I live by this book. I mean it’s a pretty easy book to live by because it only requires you to read one page a day, yes just one. No matter where I travel or what I’m doing, I always make time either at the beginning or end of my day, to sit down and read my daily devotion. Written by Ryan Holiday, this stoic themed book, is filled with thought-provoking daily quotes and reflections. Whenever I feel frustrated or stuck I often flip through this book for inspiration, I highly recommend purchasing this book to leave at your office desk. 

#4 Surprise Me I started this romantic comedy book while traveling to San Francisco in February. Now if I’m being honest, I still haven’t finished it but from what I’ve read it’s basically the perfect beach read! 

#5 Presence – In honor of being honest, I have to admit that this book is a slow read. While it is extremely relevant to putting your best foot forward, I often found myself rereading passages to better comprehend the material. In fact, I’d say this is the most dutiful book on my reading this, and would suggest reaching for this book if you’re in a quiet space and willing to give your full attention.

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Books To Bring To The Beach 2018
2018 Beach Reads New England Summer Beaches

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  1. Diana

    Nice book ideas and for sure we need that on the beach 🙂 i m going to look into those and I really like the photos next time you might want to put a Turkish towel next to all those it would look great thanks for the post help a lot


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