5 Best Corn Mazes to Visit in CT

October 2nd, 2017
Location  •   Connecticut, USA

5 Best Corn Mazes in CT - The Coastal ConfidenceIt’s that time of year, the once vibrant green corn stalks are now officially a golden crispy brown which can only mean one thing…corn mazes are ready for fall. One of my favorite memories of New England fall is going to visit my Auntie Paula in Somers, along with my brother and two younger sisters, to make our way through the gigantic corn maze on Scantic Valley Farm. 

We would usually park our car at her house, grab some apple cider, slip on our wool gloves and march into the maze one by one. Corn mazes were a tradition for our family, sometimes it ended in hot cocoa, sometimes it ended in someone crying because they got lost and sometimes it ended in us fighting over which way to turn, but come thick or thin the four of us marched into a corn maze year after year. 

Now, I still go to corn mazes with my siblings today but I also love going on double dates, girls against guys obviously, or even with a group of friends. It’s actually a great way to get outside, work your brainpower and most importantly it’s always a competition and I LOVE a good competition.  

So today, I figured I’d list what I believe are the best mazes in Connecticut. 


5 Best Corn Mazes to Visit in CT:

1) Scantic Valley Farm Corn Maze – Summers, CT: Open September 23rd through October 29th, this 8-acre maze is Hocus Pocus themed! After the maze, Scantic Valley Farm has much more to offer like, a scenic hayride, pumpkin patches worth picking, and delicious CT Grown foods to satisfy your appetite. 

2) Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm Corn Maze – Moosup, CT: This twisting corn maze is open to the public from September through October. While I personally hate all things spooky and scary, my friends love attending their night maze. I’m a hard pass on getting lost in a maze at night, but if you’re interested it is open October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th from 6 PM to 9 PM flashlights required. 

3) Preston Farms – Preston, CT: This year’s corn maze is all about trains, and boy is it tricky. I’ve officially gotten lost in the maze. I mean so lost that I just broke all the rules and jumped out of the maze via not an exit, after two hours of wandering around and being gone astray. I would say this one is by far the hardest.

4) Castle Hill Farm – Newton, CT: This farm celebrated its 90th year this past weekend, making this maze a yearly tradition for many New Englanders. With 30 stamp locations spread out throughout the maze, it’s your job to hit all the spots before your rival does; which might take some time as this maze spans over seven acres. 

5) Foster Farm – South Windsor, CT: If you’re a UConn student, gather your roommates and head to South Windsor, this year’s corn maze at Foster Farm is UConn Husky themed. This farm not only has mazes but also has an area where you can pick your own pumpkins and purchase mums for the season. 

Okay, that’s it. I’ve already been to three out of the five of those corn mazes so far this year. I’d love to hear which corn maze is your favorite within New England, leave all suggestions below! 

xx Aubrey

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