2018 Summer Favorites

August 29th, 2018

Summer is quickly coming to a close here in New England; students are heading off to school, beach towns are starting to feel less and less populated along with the random hints of foliage peeking through the trees. This past summer was a hectic one between my travel schedule, Matt and I’s move back to New England and endless weekends of house hunting; with all that being said, I’ve had the chance to test out a bunch of new products that I had to share with you all! 

Summer 2018 Favorites List: 


+ Adella Bralette 

Boston Red Sox EDSFSGSGSG Pocket T-Shirt

+ 2018-2019 Agenda

B&O Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Purity Face Wipes

+ SD Card Holder

Binoculars with Leather Case

+ Laptop Stand (ON SALE!)

+ Stop & Shop Nespresso Pods

Cinemark Movie Club

+ Favorite Show Insatiable by Netflix

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