15 Patriots Bars Across 15 Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At

February 2nd, 2018
Location  •   Dallas, TX

15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9742

Just like that Matt and I are leaving Dallas and heading out to San Francisco to capture, what I believe is, one of the prettiest cities in America. Not only was this weekend the perfect weekend to get away, it also happens to be Super Bowl weekend…LET’S GO PATRIOTS! To be honest, at first Matt was hesitant about traveling on such an important weekend, but I insisted that no matter the city, Patriot fans are in it to win it. Hopefully literally.  

You might remember that last year, Matt and I were fortunate enough to attend what I believe has been the best Super Bowl yet. We were in Dallas at the time and just three nights before the big game found tickets on Craigslist and well the rest is history if you want all the details make sure to check out this post where I share our Super Bowl experience.  Anyway, back to going to San Francisco, I actually went to college in California and my best friend currently lives outside the city. After going over two years without seeing each other, I figured it was about time for a visit. Matt has actually never been to San Francisco either and I’ve only visited once before so I’m giddy with excitement about getting to revisit one of my favorite cities. 

With that being said, I started this blog when I was attending college in California with the idea that you could live a New England lifestyle no matter the coast, thus The Coastal Confidence. So this weekend I’m bringing that mission statement to life, while Matt and I will literally be on the other coast of the country. We plan on celebrating the big game with all the hoopla and hurrahs of an official New England Tailgate. Whilst doing my research, I figured I’d throw in a couple more cities and somehow we ended with this epic post. 

15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9562
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9457
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9493
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9588
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9629


15 Patriots Bars Across15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At:



  • Boston — Cask ‘n Flagon: If you are a true Boston sports fan than you’ve been dragged to The Cask ‘n Flagon a time or two. Between Super Bowl-themed cocktails and hundreds of die-heart Boston fans this bar is the perfect place to watch the biggest game of the year along with some epic people watching.
    • Los Angeles — Sonny McLean’s: This Irish Gastro Pub in Santa Monica is like a little piece of New England on the West Coast.  With homemade Shepherd’s Pies, Fish & Chips, and New England Ipswich Fried Clams; you’ll feel like you’re in Massachusetts the moment you step in the bar. Seats are filling up fast, so reserve a seat ahead of time to watch the big game with fellow Patriot Fans.  
    • Chicago — Theory: I mean not only is this bar aesthetically pleasing and perfect for that game day Instagram, it’s also an ‘official’ Patriots bar! So gather up all your Tom Brady jerseys and Patriots beanies and head on over. 
    • Houston — Biggio’s: Between ceiling to floor TV displays and a sweet downtown location, this bar is a great place to watch the big game if you’re visiting. Matt and I visited this spot when we attended the Super Bowl last year and I promise you won’t miss a moment of the game with the amount of TVs present. 
    • Seattle — Bar Harbor Bar: I mean doesn’t the name say it all. This delicious seafood restaurant is the ‘official Patriots bar’ for Pats fans in Seattle. Better yet the event is free for anyone to attend on a first come first serve base, but everyone is asked to leave a donation for the Jimmy Fund! True Boston fans, am I right! 
    • Philadelphia —  Field House: If you happen to be in Philly for the Super Bowl, I’m sure the city will be nuts! With a ton of events to pick from, I’d recommend checking out Field House. With 100% of their 40 beers on tap coming from within 100 miles of Philadelphia, this bar is a hit for sports fans and beer connoisseurs.
    • Denver — Three Dogs Tavern: Someone on Yelp described this bar as ‘An oasis of blue, silver, and red in a sea of orange’ and I just about died. Anyway again this is an ‘official Patriots meeting place’ for Pats fans in the city of Denver. 

      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9690

      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9594
      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9516

    • San Diego — Barleymash: I mean between the rich food and the prime Gaslamp District, Downtown location, what isn’t to love about this bar. Watch the game here and then head outside to a street full of restaurants, bars, and dessert shops to pick from. 
    • Dallas — The Nodding Donkey: The Nodding Donkey is one of the Best Sports Bars in Dallas, with a prime Uptown location. With great food and great beer specials, this place will be a hoot to watch the game at. 
    • Washington D.C — Capitol Lounge: An ‘official’ Patriots bar’ where even the waiters are decked out in jerseys. This restaurant is the perfect place to come together with New Englanders and get that team spirit pumping. 
    • Austin — B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub Downtown: Someone on Yelp described his experience at this bar as ‘hoist a pint every Sunday with fellow Pats fans, Chowdaheadz, transplanted New Englanders and enlightened Austinites. Oh and if that didn’t sell you on visiting this ‘official Patriots bar’ it’s also conveniently located in Downtown Austin on Sixth Street.
    • Nashville — Whiskey Rhythms Saloon: If you want to see what an ‘official Patriots bar looks like just click on their Facebook Page. Whether you just moved to Nashville or just visiting, join your fellow New Englanders to cheer on our Patriots. 
    • San Francisco — Connecticut Yankee: I mean when I saw this bar I instantly knew this is where we would be watching the Super Bowl, just check out their website, it basically screams Aubrey and Matt. I guess I’ll see SF TCC readers there! 
  • New York City — Professor Thom’s: This diehard Patriots fan bar is the perfect place to watch the big game and explore the East Village. Oh, and if you’re a Harpoon drinker this bar is for you because Professor Thom’s is renowned for having the largest selection of Harpoons outside of Massachusets. 
  • Charleston — Hometown BBQFootball and BBQ, basically any guys dream. If you are visiting Charleston I would recommend stopping here for some good ole southern comfort food. Nothing is more game day appropriate than BBQ ribs and pulled pork.

I know, I know; that was a lot of information but I hope this post inspires you to attend one of these sports bars or look up one of your own in the area. Watching the Super Bowl with other New England fans, no matter the city, is a great way to meet new people, come together as a region and root on our favorite team. Now Matt and I are officially landing in San Francisco so all I have to say is GO PATS! 

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One thought on “15 Patriots Bars Across 15 Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At

  1. Hannah

    Ok in San Fran you have to stop by NorthStar. It’s a hole in the wall bar but the staff are amazing and hilarious. Great for sports watching too.

    I wish I could find a Pats bar in Columbus though!! Let’s go Pats!!


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