5 Steps To Transition Your Style To Spring

March 21st, 2019
Location  •   Vermont

  Spring has sprung here in New England! It’s time to swap out snow boots for rain boots. As current temps reach the high-40s, us New Englanders are eager to put our entire winter wardrobe aside. Whether you’re a New England transplant, or grew up here like me, spring can bring a rollercoaster of wardrobe woes. For example, a few years back it snowed on Easter. This year’s holiday is projected to be in the mid-60s! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a seasonal closet rollover – don’t fret!  Below we’ve listed step-by-step instructions to bring sunshine to your style:…

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Our House, The Story Of A New England Fixer Upper: Bring Character Into Your Home With Trim

March 20th, 2019

Welcome back to another, OUR HOUSE series episode! This week we are bringing you up to speed and into real time, as we bring character into our home with trim. Today we’re transitioning out of demolition work and into more design elements. While demolition is something you might be able to do yourself – the installation, purchase, and cutting of trim is something you might want to invest in hired help for – just know it can get costly. Before we talk about budget, I want to talk about the process of purchasing. Choosing trim was a difficult task for…

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3 Country Stores Worth Visiting In Vermont

March 18th, 2019
Location  •   Vermont

While visiting Vermont, our crew decided to pop into a few country stores. We found the local shops hidden in the rolling hills of rural New England, tucked in a snow-covered ski village, and nestled on a historic route. Country stores are small town shops that sell a wide variety of goods. Basically, they’re a one-stop shopping center! Picture a local-run shop lined with departments catering to everything from deli meats to skincare products. Country stores have it all and no state does it quite like Vermont! Today we have our newest TCC Crew Member, Lauren recapping what we think are…

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Explore Maple Season in Vermont at Richardson Dairy Farm

March 11th, 2019
Location  •   Hartland, VT

 While in Vermont, this past weekend, we decided it would be the perfect time to visit a local dairy farm! In fact, Vermont is home to quite a few dairy farms, many of which produce other seasonal goodies as well, and I couldn’t help but visit one during my favorite time of year, maple season!  March is a really exciting time for dairy farmers in New England because many of them participate in the short, sweet season of maple tapping. With maple on our mind and picture-worthy Jersey cows to capture – we were off to the nearest…

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A New Englander’s Guide To Resort Wear For A Winter Getaway

March 8th, 2019

More snow has hit New England in March this year than January and February combined. That means one thing – it’s time for a winter getaway!   Since New England summers are too good to give up, my family takes our annual vacation in winter or spring. Last year we traveled to beautiful Costa Rica. This year we’re headed to a destination I’ve never been to before! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see where we end up. Until then, here’s a New Englander’s Guide to resort wear for a winter getaway:   Seaside Shoes: Wedge Espadrilles: Nothing…

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A Farmhouse Cabin Getaway & Vermont Itinerary

March 5th, 2019
Location  •   Quechee, VT

March is a hit or miss month here in New England. One day we could be knee-deep in snow (with more snow on the horizon) and the next we could be planting hydrangeas while seeding the lawn in anticipation for spring. New England weather is difficult to gauge, but the unpredictability of March creates stress when planning a getaway. So far, this year’s winter weather has extended into March – as we continue to see dropping snowflakes and temperatures. With a need for a getaway and another reason to bundle up, our team decided to head north to Quechee, Vermont.    Whether you’re traveling from…

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7 Tools To Increase Productivity While Working On Your Business

March 4th, 2019

Lately, I’m very overwhelmed. I don’t consider it a bad thing – but it’s definitely a feeling I’m adjusting to. Back in Dallas, I had a lot more free time. Flash-forward to now, I’m back in New England and I’ve never felt more burnt out. Since moving back to Connecticut, my time management skills have been challenged. I bought a house and took on the role of general contractor for the renovation; I expanded my TCC crew while staying dedicated to travel obligations and my social calendar. With all of my time booked, I’ve spent less time on…

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February 27th, 2019

This week we are back in action with a new OUR HOUSE series episode! We are here with another big demo project, as we take on the creation of our master ensuite.  If you refer back to our empty house tour post and video, you’ll see the bottom floor was composed of 7 total rooms: a screened-in porch, kitchen, dining room, living room, small office space, full bath, and small bedroom. In our kitchen remodel post, you followed as we created an open-layout kitchen by combining the dining, kitchen, and bathroom. With the addition of a half-bath to…

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My First Time Ice Fishing On Lake Winnipesaukee

February 24th, 2019
Location  •   Laconia, New Hampshire

‘ At the start of February, Matt and I realized we had just one weekend free until April. With work trips and our house renovation filling our leisure time – we decided to take our last free winter weekend and head to Lake Winnipesaukee.  Honestly, I’m unfamiliar with New Hampshire. But, Matt’s parents have a condo in the Lake’s Region, and not to mention, his sister, Jessica, lives in New Hampshire full-time. Thus it seemed only right for us to visit and experience winter on the lake. While in Laconia, NH, Jessica informed us she’d be ice fishing…

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5 Pancake House Restaurants Worth Visiting in New Hampshire

February 20th, 2019
Location  •   New Hampshire

Whenever Matt and I travel north to New Hampshire, we make it a priority to start our trip with an empty stomach so we have room to dine at some of our favorite places along the way or be adventurous and discover a new spot in town.  Fun fact about Matt: he LOVES pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast; pancakes for lunch; pancakes for dinner – he’ll devour them all. Since Matt’s usually the one behind the wheel on our way to New Hampshire, he decides the fare. Leaving us headed for my favorite – Chinese; or his favorite – a…

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